50 Best Zero-Waste Products

50 Best Zero-Waste Products

Did you know there is more microplastic in the ocean than there are stars in the Milky Way? As our global plastic footprint continues to grow annually, it’s never been more important to make simple swaps to reduce your plastic consumption. With an increasing consumer market for plastic-free alternatives, investing in sustainable eco-swaps could benefit your pocket and the planet. If you’re looking to go green, read on to find out about the 50 plastic-free purchases you could invest in for a more sustainable household. 

1. Bambaw Stainless steel straws & brush pouch £8.79

Some of the largest offenders in the war against plastic are the plastic straws left littering our ocean floor. For a cost-effective and sustainable alternative, the Stainless Steel Straws from Bambaw are a stylish eco-swap that greatly reduce plastic waste. Perfect for someone on the go, these reusable straws come with a brush and handy travel pouch to be easily cleaned and used again.

2. Compagnie De Provence Scented Soap - Fig of Provence £5.45

For a cultured soap bar fanatic looking to reduce their plastic waste, why not try a Compagnie De Provence Scented Soap, derived from locally sourced natural ingredients and packaged without plastic in sight. Enjoy a traditional Marseille soap and organic vegetable oil formula, guaranteed to leave your hands basking in sweet french heritage. 

3. Qwetch Insulated Stainless Steel Lunch & Soup Box - Brushed Steel £19.50

For the lunch box lovers, the Qwetch Box could be your new saving grace. If you’re looking to ditch those plastic containers for a stylish food storage solution, this dinky eco-friendly alternative could be the door opener to a more enjoyable lunch. With a BPA free, stainless steel construction, this plastic-free product is fantastic for both hot and cold meals, perfect for a warm winter soup. 

4. Bramley Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill £10.99

In a post-pandemic world, sanitiser is the product we’re all stocking up on. Reduce your plastic waste by saving your finished bottles and invest in eco-friendly refills such as this one by Bramley. Infused with energising rosemary and spearmint, this organic blend is the perfect sustainable addition to your pocket. 

5. Beauty Kitchen The Sustainables Bath & Shower Body Exfoliator £5.50

Bathtime doesn’t need to contribute to plastic waste with this next product. The Sustainable Bath & Shower Body Exfoliator from Beauty Kitchen is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to synthetic exfoliators that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Made from 100% sisal fibres, this product is a durable beauty essential that is easily compostable when finished with.

6. Bee Bee & Leaf Beeswax Bread Wrap - Sardines £16

Forget cling film with the Bee Bee & Leaf Beeswax Bread Wraps, as an ideal food prep necessity. For fresh bread, wraps and lunchtime favourites, simply wrap your produce in these organic cotton wraps for freshness that can be achieved time and time again.

7. Ben & Anna Natural Black Activated Charcoal Toothpaste £8.95

The Activated Charcoal Toothpaste by Ben & Anna is a wonderful zero waste alternative to high street toothpaste brands, manufactured with plastic-free packaging for a green clean experience. Free from harmful phthalates and parabens, their organic activated charcoal blend gently whitens while prioritising enamel protection and healthy gums.

8. EarthKind Shampoo Bar Citrus Leaf £6.95

Formulated with natural citrus leaf and organic essential oils, the EarthKind Shampoo Bar is a natural eco-alternative to bottled shampoo. This daily use product is 100% plastic-free and ideally travel-sized, making it a great on the go essential.

9. KeepCup 8oz Original Reusable Coffee Cup £10

Be part of the reuse revolution with the KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup. With a modular and lightweight design, KeepCup’s are a must-have for office commuters and travel enthusiasts. With a no-spill lid and easy pouring vessel, enjoy on the go coffee in style without the plastic waste.

10. Bower Lavender Fabric Conditioner Refill £3.99

For a sustainable approach to laundry cleaning, why not try the Bower Lavender Fabric Conditioner Refill, designed to promote a natural cleaning experience. With plastic waste in mind, the refill pouches can be mailed back in a pre-paid envelope for recycling while you enjoy a calming lavender formulation with zero-waste.

11. Reusable PET Laundry & Surface Cleaner Bottle £2.99

If you’re serious about reducing your plastic footprint, investing in a reusable set of cleaning dispensers is a simple step you can take towards a more sustainable household. The Reusable PET Laundry & Surface Cleaner Bottle from Bower Collective provides smash free storage and reduces plastic waste caused by disposable high street packaging.

12. Astra Safety Razor Blades £3.95

Despise disposables and invest in a reusable shaver for a plastic-free beauty routine. Using a durable shaver with customisable refill blades reduces your plastic waste, and dramatically saves your pocket. The Astra Safety Razor Blades are ideal for any DE shaver, coated in superior platinum for long-lasting use. 

13. Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Body Lotion £22

With a calming blend of ylang-ylang, patchouli and clary sage essential oils, Neal’s Yard Remedies know how to make the best organic Sleep Lotion. Derived from ethically sourced ingredients, this sustainable product will leave your skin feeling soft and scented. Why not also reuse their beautiful crafted bottles for future product refills to reduce your plastic waste!

14. Natracare Organic Regular Cotton Tampons £2.89

Take power over your period with the plastic-free tampon selection from Natracare. Made from 100% cotton with comfort in mind, both your body and the planet will thank you for this purchase. These organic period care products are biodegradable and help reduce your plastic footprint during your time of the month.

15. Seep Compostable & Plastic Free Sponge With Loofah Scourer £8.50

For a compostable and long-lasting alternative to plastic-based cleaning sponges, the Seep Plastic-Free Sponge is a must-have for a zero-waste household. Made from organic wood pulp and finished with deep cleaning loofah, these sponges remove everything from grease to stubborn stains.

16. UpCircle Cleansing Face Balm with Apricot £18.99

The Cleansing Face Balm from UpCircle is packaged in a 100% plastic-free tin, for the ultimate upcycle experience. After you have enjoyed their rich antioxidant formula packed with Vitamin E and disregarded apricot stones, simply reuse the tin for refills of your favourite organic products.

17. Redecker Oval Loofa Soap Cushion £3.99

This plastic-free bathroom accessory by Redecker is a great way to spare no waste when using your favourite soap bar. Made with fully biodegradable loofa, this soap cushion is an eco-friendly magician, magically collecting the leftover soapy water and doubling as a cleaning sponge to freshen up your washbasin. See no soap go astray with this product!

18. Reusable PET Dispenser 500ml - Amber £3.95

The Amber Reusable PET Dispenser from Bower Collective is a brilliant plastic-free storage system for your favourite hair care products. With a stylish zero-waste design and a tinted shatter proof exterior that reflects UV light, keep your sensitive products protected for long term, effective use.

19. Wooden Pot Brush £4.49

Another great way to reduce your plastic consumption in the kitchen is to make a simple swap to wood-based cleaning aids. Forget the disposable dish brush with harmful plastic bristles and try the Redecker Wooden Pot Brush, constructed from natural beechwood and plant-based Tampico bristles for an all-natural cleaning experience.

20. Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant Pink Grapefruit £9.95

Ben & Anna products pride themselves on creating affordable plastic-free products that support ocean cleaning. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to the high street deodorants that contribute towards your carbon footprint, their organic deodorant selection are ideal sustainable swaps. With a sweet grapefruit scent and a formula free of PEG’s, Parabens or Phthalate, this product is kind to both you and the environment.

21. Bambaw Reusable Sanitary Pads £5.99

For a waste-free period, why not invest in a pack of Reusable Sanitary Pads from Bambaw to help reduce your plastic footprint during the time of the month. Made for women, by women, these plastic-free pads are crafted with bamboo charcoal for ultimate softness and odour control.

22. Bramley Sleep Spray with Lavender, Yarrow & Chamomile essential oils £16

Sink into your pillow with a sleep-inducing blend of lavender, yarrow and chamomile essential oils with this Sleep Spray from Bramley. Presented in 100% recycled packaging this little bottle packs power for struggling sleepers without costing the planet.

23. The Cheeky Panda Multi-Purpose Reusable Bamboo Dry Wipes Rolls £5.99

The beauty market is known for generating a large amount of disposable waste with makeup wipes posing as one of the largest culprits. The Bamboo Dry Wipes from Cheeky Panda are a waste-free alternative sourced from eco-friendly bamboo. As a fully biodegradable product, these are a must have for a plastic-free beauty regime.

24. Georganics Plastic-Free Corn Starch Natural Floss £4.90

Made from pure cornstarch with a candelilla and spearmint coating, the Natural Floss from Georganics is a clean green substitute for disposable floss that can potentially be damaging to ocean life. Encased in 100% recyclable packaging, this corn-based floss is compostable, vegan and PETA certified.

25. Dans le sac - Reusable Baguette Bag £14

If like us you enjoy the thrill of picking up a fresh baguette from your favourite bakery, sustainability doesn’t have to be spared. Avoid plastic bags and invest in this french inspired Reusable Baguette Bag from Dans le sac for freshness, convenience and style. Crafted with high-quality cotton, they are a great way to promote plastic-free living on the go. 

26. Aery Green Bamboo 200ml Diffuser £35

Sink into your sofa with the sustainable scents from Aery. Their Green Bamboo Reed Diffuser connects mind, body and soul while also saving the planet. With 100% recyclable plastic free packaging and a blend of organically derived essential oils, relax in Cedarwood, Cardamon and Nutmeg for sensory sensation.

27. Beauty Kitchen The Sustainables Citrus Burst Hand & Body Organic Soap £5

For a vegan made, palm-oil free approach to hand washing, why not try the Hand & Body Organic Soap from Beauty Kitchen, for a long lasting bubble fest. Their Citrus Burst bar is zesty and uplifting, infused with punchy orange and lemon scents. Better still, it comes wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging rendering it an ultimate sustainable soap choice.

28. Bower Toilet Cleaner Refill £3.29

For a concentrated toilet cleaner that always comes up trumps for both hygiene and sustainability, the Bower Collective Toilet Cleaner Refill is a great eco-friendly substitute to high street cleaning products. Removing up to two times as much limescale as leading eco brands, this organic formula packs a punch and works perfectly as a luxury refill for your waste free dispensers.

29. EcoCoconut Fibre Bottle Brush £5

Organically crafted from pure coconut fibres, the Eco Coconut Bottle Brush is a great sustainable swap for a plastic-free kitchen. Designed to reduce the waste of plastic-based cleaning products, this long-lasting cleaning aid is perfect for removing dirt from the toughest of glasses and bottles. Enjoy a biodegradable alternative that can be reused and recycled for ultimate longevity.

30. Georganics Kids Natural Beech Toothbrush - Soft bristles £4.40

Made from sustainable FSC Beechwood for easy composting, Georganics manufacture perfect eco-friendly alternatives to plastic based dental hygiene products. For younger teeth, their children’s brush selection is ideal for sensitive gums. Crafted with soft feeling BPA-free nylon bristles, they can enjoy a no fuss teeth clean while protecting the planet.

31. Beauty Kitchen The Sustainables Dual-Sided Reusable Face Cloth £7.50

Skincare enthusiasts, this one's for you. Enjoy cleansing in pure plastic-free luxury with the Dual-Sided Reusable Face Cloth from Beauty Kitchen. This zero-waste beauty substitute for disposable wipes and synthetic fibre cloths is designed to leave your skin feeling fresh and lightly exfoliated. With a rich organic cotton and hemp blend, this durable cloth is washable, reusable and recyclable.

32. UpCircle Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil £14.99

If you have serious skincare on the mind, why not also take a look at the brand UpCircle, for an ethical step towards flawless skin. Their naturally derived Face Serum is one of many eco-friendly and plastic free products, packed full with antioxidants and an organic blend of jojoba, sea buckthorn and rosehip oils to repair and refresh. What's more, this hydrating serum contains repurposed coffee grounds which will brighten up your skin, and leave the environment shining.

33. Bramley Glass Hand Wash Dispenser £5.95

Phase out the plastic with the glass dispenser collection from Bramley. For a durable storage solution for your favorite hand wash products, why not invest in their timeless chic design that will leave your bathroom looking luxurious and free of plastic waste.

34. If You Care - Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper Roll £4.80

If you’re striving towards a plastic-free kitchen, making simple swaps to ethically sourced and packaged cooking aids could be a great start. The Parchment Baking Paper from If You Care is a great example as it is designed to be 100% biodegradable from the product to the packaging. Better still, this eco-swap will reduce your carbon footprint as it is coated with naturally derived silicone, as a pose to quilon, which contains chromium that can be toxic when incinerated. 

35. Beco Pets Compostable Poop Bags £3.99

As a dog owner it can be a challenge to reduce all plastic waste. Beco is a great brand to start with if you’re embarking on your zero-waste pet journey. Their Compostable Poop Bags are completely plant based and dramatically improve your plastic footprint. If you love your dog and the planet, these are a perfect no fuss swap.

36. Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatic Foaming Bath £15.50

Sink into a spanish serenity with this aromatic blend of Spanish marjoram and geranium essential oils for a heavenly bath experience. Neal’s Yard Formulas don’t hold back when it comes to protecting the planet, with all ingredients ethically sourced for ultimate sustainability.

37. Faith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Shampoo Bar £5.79

Indulge in this plastic-free shampoo bar for a zero waste travel essential. The Faith In Nature Bars combine natural plant based ingredients with luxury scents and hair care expertise to produce organic bliss. Made with 100% natural scent, free of parabens and toxic chemicals, leave your hair nourished and your body relaxed.

38. The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissue £1.99

Be kind to your skin and the rainforest with the Cheeky Panda Bamboo Tissue pack, ideal for both a zero waste bathroom and living space. Made from fast growing sustainable bamboo, these plastic free home essentials are soft, recyclable and most importantly plastic and paper free!

39. Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case £8

If you want to prioritise hygiene when you travel, using a bamboo based toothbrush case not only reduces plastic waste but has antibacterial properties that protects your brush from germs on the go. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo, the Truthbrush case is a must have for your next trip.

40. Dame Reusable Tampon Applicator Set £23.79

Tackle your time of the month in sustainable style with the Dame Reusable Tampon Set, dedicated to ensuring calm and cleanliness during your period. With an award winning self sanitising design, enjoy a plastic free applicator that is BPA free, leak free and durable for life. Better still, this set also comes with their waste free tampons, made of organic 100% cotton.

41. Reusable Glass Trigger Spray bottle with White Silicon Sleeve £9.50

From the bathroom to the kitchen, store your favourite cleaning products in eco-friendly style with the Bower’s Glass Reusables Collection. Their Trigger Spray Bottle is designed for mirror and glass cleaners, surface sprays and homemade formulas, ideal for a long lasting storage solution. 

42. Neal's Yard Remedies Calming Room Spray £25

With splendid rose and geranium, sink into this calm aroma from Neal’s Yard Remedies, packaged in a plastic free bottle for sustainable serenity. Bask in organic essential oil blends while finding comfort in the eco-friendly packaging. With a bottle this pretty, it would be a shame not to embrace its durable nature. Refill it time and time again with your favourite products for ultimate longevity.

43. UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass £14.99

Scrub away dead skin and tenacious texture with this Lemongrass Body Scrub from UpCycle. Manufactured with repurposing in mind, this blend is formulated with Arabica coffee grounds sourced from artisan coffee shops to promote the UpCycle motto of reused, repurposed, reloved. Savour a skin replenishing, organically packaged scrub, mixed with shea butter for moisturising and find yourself transported to somewhere tropical.

44. Bower Concentrated Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill £4.49

In a post-pandemic era, stocking up on your favourite cleaning essentials doesn’t have to impact on your plastic footprint. Using refill pouches that can be sent back to us in handy pre-paid envelopes reduces waste and leaves you with a luxury product, formulated completely from natural ingredients. Bower Collective’s Concentrated Surface Cleaner is a great sustainable addition to a zero-waste home, ideal if you love making a little bit go a long way.

45. Ecozone Dishwasher Tablets Brilliance £12.99

Tackle tough stains and grease build ups with one tablet from Ecozone’s Brilliance All In One Collection of dishwasher tablets. For a plastic free cleaning experience and unbelievably sparkling results, Ecozone have your zero waste kitchen covered. Their all in one tablets are packaged in soluble wrapping, making them durable eco-friendly dupes for high street cleaning brands.

46. Helen Round Reusable Sandwich Wrap £12.95

Forget stale bread with this eco-swap. Helen Round produces timelessly bold, plastic free lunchtime wraps, perfect for keeping your sandwiches fresh on the go. Ditch harmful clingfilm and invest in their handy reusable pocket wraps made from natural cotton. Simply wrap your bread, enjoy your lunch and wash to repeat. 

47. TOTM Organic Cotton Liners - Wrapped £2.80

For a female handbag essential, you can’t go wrong with the organic liners from TOTM. Manufactured with 100% breathable cotton, these plastic free products are great travel companions for discreet and sustainable feminine care. What's more, their packaging is biodegradable too, for literally zero waste.

48. Georganics Plastic-Free Corn Starch Natural Floss Refill - Activated Charcoal £6.90

For an eco-friendly approach to dental hygiene that will leave your teeth shining, try the Activated Charcoal Floss from Georganics as a pose to high street contenders. Constructed with a blend of charcoal fibres and corn starch, these peppermint coated strings are biodegradable and leave your mouth feeling minty fresh.

49. Evolve Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum £22

Effective and luxurious beauty products don’t have to come at a cost to the environment with this brand. Evolve prioritise sustainability by handcrafting all of their products in their eco-studio. Manufactured with recycled packaging and punchy ingredients, packed full of organic power, their Rainforest Blemish Serum battles acne-prone skin and reduces sebum production for a breakout free future.

50. Kleen 100% Natural Handcrafted Soap - Morning Glory £9.50

Start your morning the right way with the energising Morning Glory Rope Soap from Kleen. From packaging to product you can forget waste with this beauty essential. Moulded around a biodegradable rope, this soap is designed to last. Enjoy handcrafted minty scents and an organic mineral rich formula for the ultimate wake up call.

The plastic-free revolution is on the rise with new eco-swaps hitting the market every day. As a new sustainable future sits on the horizon, it has never been more important to incorporate a zero waste lifestyle into your home.