How it works

Eliminate plastic waste in your home with our reuse and refill system and regular delivery service.

Sustainable products

We are committed to providing our customers with Earth’s best home and personal care products. To comply with the Bower Standard our products must be sustainable, effective and look and feel good.

Our products are either plastic-free or arrive in our refill packaging. Simply decant the product into one of our reusable dispensers or indeed use dispensers you already have in your home and return the packaging in your pre-paid envelope.

Bower Collective is here to help you create a sustainable home with sustainable products that are good for you and good for the planet.

Refill your natural conditioner refill in a reusable dispenser

Subscribe & save

Save 20% on all of our best-selling Bower refills when you subscribe.

Our regular Bower delivery service means you always have what you need, when you need it. We suggest a subscription schedule, but you can also select to purchase our products ‘once only’.

You have total flexibility to adjust your upcoming deliveries. We send you a timely reminder three days before your next delivery so that you can check what’s coming and make any adjustments.

The 20% discount also applies to our Bramley refill range - subscribe now!

No more plastic waste

Join the refill revolution! When your refill pouches are empty, put the caps on and for a perfect fit put up to 4 pouches into your pre-paid postal returns envelope. Then just pop it in a postbox!

When we receive your empty pouches, we aggregate them for recycling with our specialist partner. Our new BowerPack™ reusable packaging is now in circulation across our Lavender Laundry Liquid and Grapefruit Washing Up Refills and can be reused again and again! Find out more about this exciting development here.

We also accept other hard to recycle plastic components in your returns envelope, such as caps, lids and pumps. We recycle these with our specialist partner, ensuring that as much as possible we are eliminating plastic waste coming out of your home.

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