50 Best Eco-Friendly Products

50 Best Eco-Friendly Products

Adopting eco-friendly swaps into your daily routine is the first step towards achieving a sustainable global future. By reducing the amount of unnecessary plastic in your household, you reduce the need for excessive plastic manufacturing which relies on fossil fuel, only adding to our growing carbon footprint. Take a look at 50 of our favourite eco-swaps, ideal for a zero-waste warrior striving to go green.

1. Helen Round Reusable Snack Bag - Hedgerow Collection - Mustard £12.95

Forget cling film with this lunchbox essential. The reusable snack bag from Helen Round is a fantastic ethically sourced alternative to plastic food wrappings that are disposed of after one use. Handcrafted from waterproof linen, this eco-swap can be used multiple times with just a wash in between for ultimate longevity.

2. UpCircle Organic Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar £6.99

This Chocolate Charcoal Soap Bar from UpCircle is a great addition to an eco-friendly bathroom. Infused with repurposed Chai Spices, this soap bar spares no waste. UpCircle’s reuse and repurpose motto makes their products fantastic sustainable swaps for popular high street brands.

3. Bower Signature Shaving Set £69.99

For a brilliant eco-friendly gift idea, why not invest in a Bower Signature Shaving Set, a perfect present for someone looking for a life-long shaving aid. Made up of a durable Liscio razor, constructed with high-grade resin, and a black fibre shaving brush crafted with vegan bristles, give your loved one a plastic-free gift that will last a lifetime.

4. Bower Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refill £3.99

Stop throwing out used products and start investing in refills. The Bower Collective Washing Up Liquid is an organically sourced cleaning product that aims to reduce your plastic waste. Give your spare plastic a second life with a refreshing grapefruit refill, for your next eco-friendly dish wash. Better still, when you’re finished with a pouch, simply send it back in the pre-paid envelope provided and we’ll take care of the recycling.

5. Reusable Green Glass Pump Dispenser £6.95

If you want to completely cut your plastic usage, Bower Collective’s Green Glass Pump Dispenser is an environment-conscious eco-swap that will transform the way your shop. Investing in a reusable bottle reduces the need to buy plastic products, saving both your pocket and the planet by refilling with organic formulas and homemade cleaning agents.

6. Delhicious Might-Tea Moisture Body Balm - Mint £11.95

For ultimate skin nourishment on the go with a sustainable twist, try the Might-Tea Moisture Body Balm for a hydrating skin experience, packed with shea butter and a hint of minty freshness. This naturally derived formula has 100% biodegradable packaging, perfect for the zero waste beauty shopper.

7. Mooncup Menstrual Cup £19.99

Ditch period plastics and try the Mooncup! This zero-waste menstrual cup is designed by women for women as a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. Made from durable silicone, this product lasts for years, dramatically reducing your plastic waste. 

8. Smidge Reusable Water Bottle £16.99

With indisposable plastic bottles continuing to line our oceans, it’s never been more important to make the switch to a stainless steel reusable such as the Smidge Reusable Water Bottle. With a timeless design and the ability to hold hot and cold drinks, this office companion is a great eco-friendly addition to your work bag.

9. Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant Persian Lime £9.95

Another eco-friendly swap that will transform your beauty routine is the addition of a natural deodorant to your toiletry essentials. Persian Lime by Ben & Anna is free of unsustainable chemical stabilisers that continue to pollute our atmosphere and our oceans. By investing in this plastic-free product, you can enjoy a punchy lime scent and hours of odour protection without the environmental consequences. 

10. Neal's Yard Remedies Geranium & Orange Hand Lotion £14

We love Neal’s Yard Remedies for their ethically sourced yet powerful formulas, making them a faultless choice when choosing an eco-friendly hand lotion. Nurture your hands and the environment with a rejuvenating blend of geranium and orange essential oils.

11. Essential Recycled Bin Bags £4.35

It’s hard to completely avoid plastic, so why not reuse it to create new durable products. Essential has done just that with their eco-friendly refuse sacks, constructed from recycled plastic from their own manufacturing site in Bristol. Help contribute to the reuse and recycle method and watch your plastic footprint shrink.

12. Truthtabs Wild Mint flavour toothpaste tablets with Fluoride £4.50

If you’re looking for a zero-waste toothpaste saw, then look no further. Truthtabs have created the ultimate on the go oral hygiene essential without plastic waste. Forget plastic tubes and enjoy organically sourced toothpaste tablets that lather in a simple bite and brush. 

13. Coconut Fibre Kitchen Dish Brush £5

Sustainably sourced materials are often stronger than the average plastic alternative, making your eco-friendly swap a must when it comes to kitchen essentials. Eco Coconut Dish Brush is made up of ethically derived coconut fibre that protects stainless steel wire for ultimate longevity. What’s more is that Coir Fibre is naturally anti-bacterial, making it the perfect companion for a post-Covid kitchen.

14. Reusable Aluminium Dispenser with Black Pump £6.95

The Bower Collective Aluminium Dispenser is a stylish addition to a simplistic bathroom interior. Designed with haircare in mind, this durable reusable can store shampoo and conditioner while promoting timeless elegance.

15. Bramley Hand Sanitiser Gel £6.49

Infused with invigorating rosemary and a spearmint kick, battle germs in eco-friendly style with this essential oil-based hand sanitiser from Bramley. If you’re looking for a product that prioritises that soft skin feeling, enjoy this 100% cruelty-free blend that contributes towards a healthy planet.

16. Beauty Kitchen The Sustainables Everyday Gentle Conditioner Bar £9.50

For gentle hair hydration and silky smooth ends, try this eco-friendly conditioner bar from Beauty Kitchen. Produced with 100% biodegradable packaging, this bar spares no waste. Gently lather under hot water for ultimate sustainable luxury.

17. Bio-D Laundry Bleach £2.10

If you’re looking for an affordable yet effective cleaning solution, Bio-D creates planet loving laundry products that are only produced with natural unharmful ingredients. Perfect for sensitive skin, simply add Bio-D’s laundry bleach to your wash load and watch it remove powerful stains like magic.

18. UpCircle Organic Muslin Cloths £8.99

Partnering with the UpCircle Calming Face Balm, these organic muslin cloths are a great addition to your skin routine. Completely unbleached and undyed, you can buy these eco-friendly cloths in confidence.

19. Bower Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill £4.49

Forget toxic cleaning chemicals when it comes to Bower Collective’s natural cleaning formulas. Their vegan and cruelty-free Glass & Mirror Cleaner is formulated with ethically sourced natural cleaning agents that leave your bathroom mirrors shining without contributing to harmful manufacturing.

20. Truthbrush Tiny - Cloud White Soft £4.50

For the growing eco-warriors, their first Tiny Truthbrush is a great starter for a green future. With a tactile handle made from organically sourced bamboo and soft castor bean oil and nylon bristles, this stylish plastic alternative puts little gum health first, for a fun eco-friendly bedtime routine.

21. Strong Wooden Dish Brush, Curved Handle £6.99

Redecker continue to make cleaning easier with their sustainable kitchen aids for zero waste households. Crafted with eco-friendly Beechwood and plant based bristles, this brush is strong enough to remove the hardest of food stains. 

22. UpCircle Eye Cream with Maple & Coffee £14.99

For an eco-friendly touch to your beauty routine, UpCircle’s refreshing eye cream is not to be forgotten. Packed full of antioxidants, rich and replenishing maple bark extract and soothing chamomile, rejuvenate your skin overnight with only a small amount. Better still, it’s manufactured with repurposed ingredients for an upcycled twist.

23. Reusable Clear PET Pump Dispenser £3.99

For a child-friendly bathroom design that still wants to go green, why not add a Bower Collective PET reusable to your zero waste household. Our PET dispensers are both affordable and effective, constructed out of recycled PET plastic with a durable smash free exterior, designed to be safe for your little ones.

24. Bee Bee & Leaf Beeswax Food Wraps The Mixed Pack £14

For an eco-friendly addition to your lunch box, these Bee Bee & Leaf Beeswax Food Wraps make excellent sustainable alternatives to clingfilm and plastic bags as they are made from 100% biodegradable ingredients. Enjoy a resilient and stylish design that can be reused for recurring sandwich goals.

25. A Slice Of Green Organic Facial Pads £6.50

Despise disposables with this organic beauty essential. Crafted from ethically sourced cotton and produced with sensitive skin in mind, these reusable cotton pads are the future for makeup lovers, saving you pocket and the planet as they can be used time and time again.

26. Natracare Ultra Pad With Wings Long £2.59

If you’re without a menstrual cup, you can still go plastic free during your time of the month. The eco-essential Ultra Pads from Natracare are plastic and chlorine free, making them a perfect natural sanitary product for a zero waste period.

27. The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissue £1.99

These naturally hypoallergenic Bamboo tissues from Cheeky Panda are a revolutionary sustainable alternative to the traditional paper counterparts. Derived from ethically sourced bamboo, this brand has the environment in mind, reducing deforestation with every bamboo based purchase.

28. Aery Botanical Fig Leaf 200g Candle - Black Fig & Vetiver with Cedarwood essential oils £26

Bask in the relaxing blend of enchanting Black Fig and Vetiver for a luxury sensory experience. The Arey Fig Leaf Candle aims to elevate your mood without posing harm to your plastic footprint. This eco-friendly candle is made purely from naturally derived essential oils and pure soy wax, for a lavishly green experience. 

29. Bower Bathroom Cleaner Spray Refill £4

The Bower Collective Bathroom Cleaner pairs splendidly with their collection of reusable spray bottles for an eco-friendly cleaning experience. Clean green with plant based ingredients that pack a punch for a hygienic home.

30. Seep Natural All-Purpose Loofah Cloths £6.50

Adding a long-lasting cleaning aid to a working kitchen will transform your zero waste home. Forget kitchen roll and disposable dishcloths, The Seep selection of organic all purpose cloths will provide reusable resilience from spills to stains on your surfaces. Made from loofa and plant fibres, these cloths are a 100% compostable, climate positive alternative you don’t want to forget.

31. Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatic Massage Oil £12.50

Who says you can’t pamper yourself and the planet? The Aromatic Massage Oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies does just that with their vitamin-rich all natural ingredient formula. Bask in   a heavenly blend of organic sunflower, almond and wheatgerm oils for silky soft skin.

32. A Slice Of Green Organic Cotton Produce Bag - Set Of 3 £9.50

Another great eco-friendly investment comes in the form of these Organic Cotton Produce Bags from A Slice Of Green. Transform your zero waste shopping experience and package your favourite loose fruits and vegetables in these plastic free alternatives to disposable in store shopping bags.

33. Bramley Little B Hair & Body Wash Refill £19.99

Expect no tears in the bathtub with Bramley’s Little B Hair & Body Wash. For an eco-friendly bathing experience, try their fun blend of organic sweet orange and lavender essential oils, leaving your little one squeaky clean and tangle free.

34. Redecker Wooden Dish Brush with Replaceable Head £3.99

Eco-friendly cleaning doesn’t have to come at a cost. Redecker manufactures affordable sustainable alternatives to highly damaging plastic brushes and bristles. Their Wooden Dish Brush is crafted from untreated Beechwood, finished off with plant fibre formulated bristles for a green touch. Better still, this product is designed to last, with a removable head extension, perfect for refilling and reusing.

35. Evolve Daily Detox Facial Wash £16

Cleanse your skin while detoxing the planet with Evolve’s Organic Daily Detox Facial Wash. Perfect for normal to oily skin, their natural formula of pure Goji Berry extract and rejuvenating Moringa Peptides defend against pollution while transforming your skin. When finished, Evolve also provides a pre-paid envelope to return used plastic for recycling. 

36. Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge £7.50

Hydrate and nourish with this 100% natural skin sponge from Beauty Kitchen. If you’re looking to add to your list of eco-friendly beauty essentials, this Konjac Sponge is made from organically sourced plant roots to gently exfoliate without causing damage to your skin or the environment.

37. Trevarno Men's Facial Moisturiser £16

This organically produced facial moisturiser by Trevarno, makes the ideal luxury skincare present for eco-conscious men. Formulated with antibacterial tea tree and lemongrass essential oils, its skin smoothing consistency will leave your face feeling smooth and revilatised. 

38. KeepCup 12oz Reusable Coffee Cup with cork sleeve £20

Gone are the days of the coffee shop commute with this new addition to your work routine. With a stylish and eco-friendly design, KeepCup is back with another zero waste essential for your favourite hot drink. With an anti-spill press fit lid and a tempered glass construction this cup is durable and reusable. There’s nothing you won’t love.

39. Redecker White Pumice Stone with Strap £3.99

Pumice stones are one of the best eco-friendly bathroom additions simply because of how long they last. Known for removing hard skin from your hands and feet, These naturally sourced stones from volcanic lava will last for many years to come.

40. Neal's Yard Remedies Balancing Room Spray £25

The Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Balancing Room Spray promotes natural relaxation in the home. Formulated with organic natural fragrances, sink into bergamot and relaxing patchouli for a planet positive sensory experience.

41. Helen Round Reusable Bamboo Shower Mitt £9

The reusable Bamboo Shower Mit from Helen Round is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic based disposable sponges. Bamboo is a durable sustainably sourced material, ideal for eco-centric manufacturing. Enjoy 4 layers of soft bamboo for a soothing shower time. For ultimate convenience, this eco-swap also comes with a hanging loop attached, ideal for shower storage.

42. Compagnie De Provence Shaving Bowl £17

For a luxury shaving gift, the elegant Shaving Bowl from Compagnie De Provence brings sustainable sophistication to your bathroom. Constructed with high-grade ceramic, this minimalistic shaving accessory fits perfectly on your sink and blends seamlessly with a modern bathroom design.

43. Bramley Glass Body Wash Dispenser £5.95

Start reducing your bathroom plastic waste by incorporating reusable bottles into your showertime essentials. This one from Bramley has an easy use pump and a minimalistic design, for the perfect eco-friendly body wash storer. Why not also check out their waste free refill pouches for organic formulations you’ll love.

44. If You Care - Large Baking Cups £1.75

For your green baking adventures, try the Large Baking Cups from If You Care, for a great eco-friendly baking companion. These muffin cases are durable and equipped to hold all types of cakes and baked goods, before being easily recycled thanks to their compostable parchment construction.

45. Lavera Basis Sensitive Organic All Round Cream £7.95

If you suffer with dry skin, adding an eco-friendly moisturiser to the mix may transform your beauty routine. Packed with organic shea butter and almond oil the Lavera All-Round Cream provides moisture and protection to the most dehydrated skin. Better still, this zero waste product comes in a handy reusable tin, perfect for refilling with your favourite products.

46. Beauty Kubes Bath Kube Allergen-Free £5.95

From plastic free packaging, to naturally derived ingredients, sourced directly from the coast, the Cornwall produced Bath Kube from Beauty Kubes is formulated with sustainable oats, locally sourced Cornish Kaolin clay and jojoba oil for a bubbly bath experience. This palm oil free product spares no waste and helps lower your plastic footprint.

47. Aery Botanical Green Black Oak 200ml Diffuser £35

The Arey Black Oak Diffuser combines sustainability with serenity. Infused with blends of Cedarwood, Cardamom and Nutmeg, this 100% recyclable homewear essential is a cruelty free must have for a lounge or bedroom.

48. Bower Floor Cleaner with Linseed Soap Refill £4.49

This all-in-one floor cleaner from Bower Collective is a fantastic resilient addition to your kitchen cleaning supplies. In a recyclable refill pouch that can be sent back to be ethically disposed of, this organic formula tackles any surface from vinyl to ceramic. What's more, the linseed oil infusion adds conditioning properties, making this product ideal for wood surfaces too.

49. Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Prime Time Cream Cleanser £12.50

For a boosting beauty cleanser with an eco-twist, try the Prime Time Cream Cleanser from Beauty Kitchen to hydrate and nourish the skin without the cost of plastic waste. Using their return, refill and recycle method, Beauty Kitchen spare no materials, giving your unwanted bottles a second life when finished with.

50. Masks for Good - Face Mask £9.99

With a soft 3 layer quality cotton composition and hydrophobically treated exterior to protect from liquid particles, the Bower Collective Face Mask protects both you and the planet, reducing disposable mask waste. Better still, in partnership with the Kay Mason Foundation, all profits from this purchase go directly to funding scholars to raise the next generation of leaders in South Africa.

As new eco-friendly swaps continue to hit the high street each year, it’s exciting to see more people swapping disposables for zero waste alternatives and adapting to a greener household. As we continue to reduce our plastic footprint, we take a new step forward towards a more sustainable future.