World Refill Day 2022: Why switch to refills and where to start?

World Refill Day 2022: Why switch to refills and where to start?

World Refill Day, on 16th June 2022, is an important campaign organised by Bristol-based City to Sea. Its aim is to help people live with less plastic and make the switch to refills… and it’s easy to get involved!

With more than 300 million tonnes of plastic created every year – half of which is single use – now is the time to act. World Refill Day not only encourages us to reuse and refill in our daily lives, but also puts a call out to businesses, shops and brands to reduce the amount of plastic they use, and offer more refillable options, reusable containers and non-plastic packaging.

A City To Sea survey found that three in four people want more access to reuse and refill options, and, to make it easier, a free Refill app connects you to a global network of nearly 300,000 Refill Stations. This includes shops, cafes, public water fountains, train stations and more, where you can top up on essential shopping without the need to buy single-use plastic.

How to reuse and refill

One of the easiest ways to act on World Refill Day is to choose to reuse whenever you can – it’s this one small step that will soon mean refilling and reusing is the new normal every day of the year. This could be topping up containers, dispensers and water bottles already in your home, or making sure you choose sustainable packaging whenever you buy brand new. At Bower, our range of best-selling refills has been designed especially for topping up reusable dispensers. What’s more, once you’re done with our refill packs, all you need to do is send them back to us – for free – and we’ll take care of the rest.

There are plenty of easy wins when it comes to maintaining a sustainable home and we have refills for most household cleaning chores. Our bestselling Lavender All-Purpose Sanitiser Refill can be used around the home, including in the kitchen to keep surfaces sparkling and free from germs. Simply pair it with one of our stylish reusable spray dispensers to help banish single-use plastic. In the kitchen, washing-up chores also get more eco-friendly with Bower’s Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refill Pack – this 750ml refill comes in our special BowerPack, a reusable pouch with unique digital tracking and impact measurement built in. Return the pouches back for free and we will refill it with the same product at our refill centre, ready to go again (and again, and again…)

There are plenty of treats for bath time and handwashing too with our personal care refills. Our Lime & Aloe Vera Sanitising Hand Wash and Geranium & Grapefruit Sanitising Hand Wash refill packs are made with 100% natural ingredients that neutralise 99.9% of harmful bacteria. For a super-smart way to use your handwash top up our reusable glass pump dispenser. Our best-selling Uplifting Orange Shower Gel comes in a handy 500ml refill pack, perfect for pairing with our handy Reusable PET Pump Dispensers ideal to use in the bathroom.

On World Refill Day this year, we have the power to make a positive change not just in our own homes, but globally too. Last year’s campaign saw 77 countries get involved, so join the refill revolution to encourage governments, brands and retailers to give us the plastic-waste-free planet we deserve.

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