Davina McCall on Bower Collective

Davina McCall on Bower Collective

We were thrilled to hear Davina McCall and Michael Douglas singing our praises on a recent episode of their podcast, Making the Cut. We're a big fan of their podcast for bringing genuinely useful recommendations along with a big dose of positivity. Described as 'TripAdvisor for your life', they make tough decisions easy for their listeners. 

One of those decisions they discuss is making the switch to eco-friendly refills for the home. With multiple offerings available at the click of a button, they settled on Bower Collective as the clear winner. Davina says, “Bower sell everything you can think of to live a more sustainable life and I think they are great!"

We love Davina's honesty in recognising that it's "harder and harder to accept the amount of waste we generate every day". We only have to look at our recycling bins to see that we throw away a huge amount of plastic waste every week. The shocking reality is that less than 9% of this plastic waste is successfully recycled here in the UK. We believe there's a better way - reuse and refill!

Davina says, "Bower Collective makes reuse and refill easy - it is brilliant!”. Our eco-friendly refills in reusable packaging make it simple to live out your sustainable values. Simply choose your refill, fill your beautiful dispenser and as Davina says,"sending your pouches back in the pre-paid envelope is so easy!”

So join the refill revolution today and become a part of the fight against plastic waste!

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