The Perfect Plastic Waste Free Hair Care Routine

The Perfect Plastic Waste Free Hair Care Routine

Caring for your hair without any harmful plastics in sight might sound like a strange concept. Our shampoo and conditioner come in squeezable plastic bottles and we rely on durable plastic combs to keep our hair looking neat and tidy. 

The problem is, what happens to your shampoo bottles after you’re finished with them? Or your combs after they begin to show wear and tear? Plastics are virtually indestructible - even after they’ve been thrown away. This can lead to significant problems for marine life and the environment as a whole. 

At Bower Collective, we’re committed to finding actionable, convenient, and cost-effective solutions that pave the way to eliminating plastic waste. For many of us, keeping our hair happy can do wonders for our confidence and happiness - so much so that it can be hard to abandon our favourite products to play our part in forming a plastic-free bathroom. 

Our hair care routines have been forged through habit and comfort. However, we’ve decided to come up with a brand new wholly plastic waste-free hair care routine to show you that it’s possible to get even better results while caring for our environment. Take a look!

Plastic Free Shampoo

Most of our hair care routines will involve squeezing a dollop of shampoo out of a single use bottle. However, this can lead to a buildup of plastic waste emanating from just your bathroom alone. 

At Bower Collective, we’re proud to champion the use of reusable dispensers that help to save on tonnes of plastic waste over time. To help achieve our goals, we’ve teamed up with Bramley, an eco-friendly company that creates 100% natural and cruelty-free toiletries. Their shampoo pouches are free of any sulphates and once you’ve poured the product into a reusable dispenser, simply freepost the pouch back to us and we’ll recycle it! 

Natural Conditioner

While we do offer conditioner bars at Bower Collective, it doesn’t mean that your routine has to be completely free of the materials that you’re used to. Our Bramley Conditioner comes in a reusable pouch. This means that once you empty the pouch into a reusable dispenser, you can fold it and send it back using the prepaid postal return box provided. 

Be Sure to Avoid Plastic Combs

Plastic combs can be another unsightly scourge of bathrooms the world over. You may get plenty of use out of them, but it doesn’t feel like it’ll ever be enough for the centuries that they’ll be sat on landfills waiting to decompose. 

Be sure to look for more sleek wooden alternatives. Bamboo, in particular, is a great resource and grows at a much faster rate than other trees - making it far more sustainable as a material. 

Look to Suitable Containers

As we touched on earlier, one of the main reasons we buy plastic packaging is because they’re practical enough to double up as squeezable or pumpable dispensers. Sometimes we feel too committed to our creature comforts to readily abandon them, and if you have a hair care routine that you love, it’s difficult to resort to new measures. 

If you prefer to use your products by using pump head dispensers or storing liquid shampoos and conditioners in a practical container, Bower Collective has developed a range of beautiful sustainable dispensers that can house your favourite products in a wholly reusable way. We have a collection of reusable dispensers made out of glass and PET plastic too (sometimes glass containers in the bathroom can be unsafe, so we provide a plastic alternative which is also reusable for as long as you look after it!). 

At Bower Collective, we understand that hair can mean much more to us than plenty of things in life. It’s a key source for our confidence and happiness in the way we look. With this in mind, we’re committed to making sure that everyone can benefit from maintaining a healthy hair care routine without having to lose out on any of their creature comforts.  

Do you have any plastic-free hair care tips? Have you got any creative hacks to hold your shampoo without having to turn to harmful plastics? We’d love to hear them! Please leave us a comment below and join the discussion over a plastic-free planet!

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