Spring Clean with Bower Collective and Sustainable Cleaning Products

Spring Clean with Bower Collective and Sustainable Cleaning Products

The days are getting longer, the clocks have moved forward, and the weather is finally picking up – welcome to spring! As many of us find ourselves more housebound than usual, 2020 could be the perfect year to start a truly transformative spring clean for your home. 

2020 is also a significant year for sustainability, with more and more people taking action to reduce plastic waste around the house. Now that we have a little bit more time to indulge in a spring clean, perhaps this could be the year to go one step further and clear out the plastic clutter from your home too?

There is also more choice than ever when it comes to cleaning brands that use plant-based or naturally derived ingredients such as baking soda. These cleaning supplies are not only cruelty free (we don't condone any products tested on animals), but they are effective too. This means you can get on with your household chores safe in the knowledge you are not polluting the water supply and causing harm.

At Bower Collective, we aim to inspire people to reflect their sustainable values through their homes. And, luckily, making the switch from plastic to more sustainable materials is getting easier. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to put a sustainable twist on the classic spring clean…

Scrap Plastic To 'Refill And Reuse' Instead

One of the biggest problems when it comes spring cleaning is all the sprays and polishes that use single-use plastic containers and dispensers. And, of course, with sustainable living, there’s no room for plastic waste. For every antibacterial spray in a plastic bottle, this means a 1,000-year stain on the planet, as this is how long it takes the average plastic dispenser to decompose. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

At Bower Collective, we’re proud to offer an efficient and convenient refill-and-reuse system that delivers you Earth’s best eco-friendly cleaning products in reusable pouches. Simply empty your pouch into your Bower dispenser and send it back to us using the pre-paid postal returns envelope we provide. 

With reusable pouches, you will greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by spring cleaning. You will also have a plastic-free pantry, bathroom and kitchen with no unsightly plastic bottle filled with cleaning products cluttering up the room.

We have a wide range of reusable cleaning products at Bower ready to go for this year's spring clean. This includes our All Purpose Sanitiser Spray, which is fully ethically sourced and just £4 for one litre. We also have a specialised Bathroom Cleaner, also available at £4 for one litre – again this is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. 

Eco-friendly Washing Products

There are many ways we can do our bit for the environment at home and that includes with laundry detergent.

With Bio-D Washing Powder, you'll be able to take on the biggest of laundry loads knowing you’re buying an ethical, Allergy UK certified product. 

The washing powder is fragrance-free and non-biological, and it can be used without the need for any plastic holders or flasks to place in the wash. 

At Bower Collective, we aim to give you plenty of great sustainable ideas that are also affordable. So many of us want to contribute to a healthy environment, but would prefer not to spend so much on the more expensive sustainable products. However, we know the significance of bridging this gap, and at £4.35 for 1kg of high-quality non-bio Bio-D washing powder (which works out cheaper than other top eco brands such as Seventh Generation for instance), we hope more people are encouraged to buy into plastic-free cleaning products.  

Sustainable Dispensers

As mentioned, one easy way to live sustainability is to reuse household items rather than discard them. And one of the simplest ways to do this is with spray bottles, which can be use for everything from all purpose cleaner and glass cleaner to toilet cleaner and dish soap.

At Bower, we’re proud to offer reusable pouches that contain sanitiser sprays and bathroom cleaners. While our pouches give you the option to top up an existing dispenser, if you don't happen to have one spare, we also have our own range of reusable dispensers

Pictured above is our Reusable PET Trigger Spray Dispenser – an essential item in our reuse and refill system. Made from PET plastic (resilient, reusable and – at end of life, recyclable), our trigger spray is just one in a range of dispensers available to suit your needs. 

At £3.99, we’re confident you’ll get more than your money’s worth as you use (and reuse) our dispenser well into the future. If you prefer to use no plastic at all, including recycled plastic, we also offer our beautiful glass-based dispensers to help boost your plastic-free living. 

Bower Collective’s mission is to make sustainability not only accessible, but affordable. We hope you enjoy your plastic-free spring clean and have been inspired to share your mission with others to encourage them to go plastic-free or reuse and refill too.

With our range of plastic-free spring cleaning options, you can stay much more sustainable. If you have your own handy tips on how to perform your own eco-friendly spring clean, we’d love to hear them. Add your suggestions in the comments section below!

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