10 Top Tips for Plastic Waste Free Living

10 Top Tips for Plastic Waste Free Living

We’ve become so dependent on plastic in our daily lives that it’s hard to even imagine banishing it from places like the bathroom and kitchen - let alone the entire house. 

However, we have made it convenient for you to make a few simple swaps around your home to avoid having to harm the planet with single-use plastic packaging. To help you to see how your life could be a little bit greener, here’s a look at our list of 10 top tips for a plastic waste free living:

Look to Sustainable Waste Management

Bin bags can be a nuisance to break down but Bower Collective offers a number of sustainable and cost-effective bin liners that are made of at least 50% post-consumer recycled plastics. Even your waste doesn’t have to be wasteful.

Think twice before buying bottles of water

We’ve all been there. It’s a warm day and you’re feeling the need for a drink. Bottled water can help keep us hydrated, but for the price and plastic we’re left with it really pays to leave the house prepared.

Instead of buying disposable water bottles, it’s a good idea to invest in one reusable water bottle to use on a daily basis. At Bower Collective, we offer a wide range of reusable cups and bottles for all sorts of uses. 

If you’re uneasy about the quality of your tap water, invest in a filter to purify your H2O and voila: no more paying out for expensive plastic bottles of water!

Embrace plastic-free reusable cups

Buying into reusable cups extends beyond the confines of water. Many coffee shops rewards customers for buying coffee while using their own containers instead of plastic and paper cups. With this in mind, it could be worth investing in a KeepCup - the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. With coffee shop discounts in mind, you could soon be actively saving money with every cappuccino that you buy! 

Reusable Dispensers Keep Your Home Stylish

Just because we’re looking to bring sustainable materials into our bathrooms and kitchens, it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep our pump-action dispensers. Bower Collective produces an attractive range of dispensers so that we can keep using products in the same ways as we did before.

Use cling-film alternatives

Cling-film has become another fixture of everyday life that feels like it's been around forever. Sadly, as useful as it is in keeping our sandwiches neatly packaged, cling-film has become a major concern for the environment. 

This issue has already been solved in stylish fashion by The Beeswax Wrap Co, which provides a series of beautiful sandwich and food wraps that can be utilised again and again. Packed lunches have never looked so classy!

Switch to wood or metal cooking utensils

The appeal of plastic cooking utensils is strong. They’re lightweight and fairly durable. Plastic utensils are also better at dealing with heat than more conductive metals. However, wooden and metal cooking utensils can make for a much more beautiful kitchen space that’s considerably healthier for the environment. 

Buy into bamboo toothbrushes

Compostable bamboo items make for one of the most eco-friendly ways of carrying out tasks without resorting to harmful plastics. This is because they take a fraction of the time to decompose and carry no strain on fossil fuels.

Bamboo toothbrushes, like Bower Collective’s Truthbrush, make for a beautiful way of looking after yourself while keeping your bathroom plastic-free.

Bulk buy where you can

Unfortunately, the cost-effective nature of plastic packaging means that going plastic-free in your household can be a difficult task. To limit the need for heading out to buy plastic-packaged everyday goods, it can be useful to bulk buy your products where possible. Bower Collective understands the need to be well supplied with the items you need to get by, and we offer plastic-free toilet roll, kitchen roll and tissue bundles to ensure that you have little chance of being left in short supply.

Look to Biodegradable Laundry Bleach

You can keep your whites white without the need of any plastics or harmful materials. At Bower Collective, we offer cutting edge clothes washing solutions, including our Fragrance-free Laundry Liquid Refill.

Plastic-free cleanliness

Soap is a necessity in everyday life, and should be ever-present around the house. However, what houses can do without is the plastic packaging that comes with each bar. Bower Collective, working with the innovative Beco, offer up a great plastic-free soap solution that’s fully recyclable and biodegradable and comes with refreshing aromas of honey blossom, spring meadow and wild berries

Bower Collective aims to make plastic-free living just as simple and convenient as before. We strive to bring actionable solutions to everyday routines and processes about the house. Do you have any top tips for going plastic-free about the house? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below - we’d love to hear from you!


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