Q&A with Fee at Sustainable Brand TOTM

Q&A with Fee at Sustainable Brand TOTM

We were fortunate enough to spend some time last week chatting with Fee, the Marketing Manager for TOTM. Have a read to find out more about her role and what sustainability means to her.

What is the best part of your role at TOTM?

 I love working for a brand that’s making a positive difference. Planning campaigns that raise awareness and drive important conversations, whether that’s around menstrual health or making periods more eco-friendly, is so rewarding and enjoyable. 

How are TOTM committed to sustainability?

TOTM is all about shaking up the period care industry to bring some much-needed transparency and sustainability.  From less waste to zero waste, our range is designed to protect to planet. 

Our tampons, pads and liners are made with 100% certified organic cotton to reduce the impact during production and after disposal. We also have a growing range of reusable period care, including menstrual cups, to further reduce waste. We have a wide range of options to cater for a wider variety of needs and lifestyles as appreciate that period care is a personal choice.

We are a small brand but our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our current product offering. We use our platform to raise awareness of issue in this space, for example plastic in period care and we support eco-campaigners who are actively pushing for change. We also continually working with our manufacturers and brand partners to explore ways in which we can innovate the range to continually strengthen our eco-credentials. 

What does being sustainable mean to you personally?

To me, sustainability is all about finding long term and meaningful solutions to reduce our impact on the planet. As a consumer, it’s also about being conscious and mindful about the products you buy and use every day. It’s being aware that everything has an impact, but you can reduce it by choosing options which are designed to be kinder to the environment.

What is your favourite TOTM product and why?

I absolutely love our super pads, they are perfect for night time use. I never loved conventional pads as the plastic can make them feel a bit bulky. I find the TOTM super pads so comfortable though, which is what you need when you’re trying to get much needed sleep on your period.

What is your favourite self-care ritual?

I’m all about self-care as it’s so important to my mental and physical wellbeing. I enjoy doing yoga to unwind after work and then going for a relaxing bath after a session (if I have the time).  I absolutely love bathing with my favourite bath oils and reading a book. Nothing beats it. 

What is your best lock-down tip?

Keep a sleep routine! For many of us, daily life and daily routines have changed during lockdown. With this, it can be easy to fall out of your usual sleep habits. I personally find I’m more productive and positive if I stick to my sleep routine. To unwind, I’ll usually put on the Calm app and listen to one of the sleep stories or soundscapes.

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