My Sustainable Home with Rachel: Eco Friendly Swaps to Make

My Sustainable Home with Rachel: Eco Friendly Swaps to Make
We asked Rachel to share with us her journey towards creating a sustainable home. We hope you find her advice as useful as we did! You can follow Rachel on Instagram here to keep up to date with her plastic-free and low waste living tips. We think she is amazing!

What influenced you to start creating a sustainable home?

I feel like a lot of people think the changes needed can only be made by policymakers and industry leaders, when in fact, every one of us holds all the power we need to help our planet and prevent Climate Change! And that power starts right here, at home! By being conscious consumers and changing the demand of e.g toxic and plastic items, we can influence the future.

What were the first changes that you made when cutting plastic waste from your home?

I bought my bamboo razor and completely stopped purchasing the plastic disposable ones, and I absolutely love it! It is such a better quality and I get a ton of compliments how pretty it is.
Can you give a sustainable tip or plastic-free swap?

Bamboo toothbrushes and tooth tablets. Brilliant. A game changer. Totally zero waste and zero plastic, much better for your teeth, AND when you’re done with the bamboo toothbrushes, they can go in the food compost, how cool is that?!

What is your favourite Bower Collective product and why?

The liquid re-fill pouches! These products keep my home running! The cleaning products are totally natural, zero waste, kill bacteria, and smell so fresh. I’ve never looked back.

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Rachel is a very enthusiastic young lady and is totally committed to sustainability in her home and is doing her best to help the environment.
Thanks to gifts from Rachel I am now using a bamboo toothbrush and tooth tablets, plus an environmentally friendly roll-on and many other items.

Erica Coupe

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