5 Small Eco Friendly Changes You Can Make

5 Small Eco Friendly Changes You Can Make

The world seems a little bit unrecognisable at the moment. Life in lockdown has taken its toll for many of us. Whether we’re swapping our offices for makeshift home workspaces, or attempting to make the most of our free time without meeting friends, it’s fair to say that we’ve all been left with a considerable amount of free time at home. 

While 2020 is shaping up to be a year to forget, it’s also played a significant role in highlighting the need to prioritise both your health and the safety of those around you. Lockdown has given us the time to stop and reassess the sustainability of our homes. 

Harmful plastics are commonplace among houses up and down the country, and they pose a real threat to the environment if a collective effort isn’t made to reduce our waste and carbon footprints. 

Lockdown has already influenced the way we use our homes. Instead of donning office clothes each and every morning many of us can settle into comfier loungewear, while cereal bars and lunch boxes have been swapped for wholesome kitchen prepared food. 

These lifestyle shifts can offer us a great chance to change our relationship with plastics, and work towards a more sustainable future. Let’s take a look at five eco-friendly changes that we can make during lockdown: 

Call on Coconut Fibre to Keep Your Dishes Clean

Lockdown has led to many of us rediscovering our kitchens. The art of cooking has become lost in plenty of homes, owing to fast-paced working lives and quick and easy food. Sadly, kitchens are also one of the primary sources of plastic household waste. 

Luckily there are plenty of green alternatives available to help keep your kitchen sustainable long into the future. Notably, our Coconut Fibre Kitchen Dish Brush is a charming product that’s made in Sri Lanka from sustainably farmed coconut fibre. 

Free from toxic chemicals and fully biodegradable, the Coconut Fibre brush makes an excellent and aesthetic alternative to the ugly and flimsy plastic cleaning brushes that have become commonplace in kitchens. 


Brush Off Your Baking Skills With Beeswax Food Wraps

We’re a nation that’s gone baking mad during lockdown. Beautiful homemade cakes, banana bread and pizzas have become a national pastime that’s kept us sane while social distancing. However, storing delicious food has often hurt the environment with plastic sandwich bags and lunch boxes. 

Thanks to The Beeswax Co’s excellent beeswax food wraps, it’s possible to keep your tasty creations organically fresh using GOTS certified organic materials - and, of course, UK beeswax. Our selection of food wraps even come with vegan alternatives, so we can bring you a product that’s fit for everyone. 


Keep Sanitised With Refillable Hand Wash

It’s fair to say that we’re now much more aware of the importance of keeping our hands sanitised. We’re also used to obeying the instruction of washing our hands when we return to our homes. 

At Bower Collective, we recognise the importance of using sanitising hand wash in lockdown and offer an entirely plastic waste-free solution for keeping our hands clean while helping the environment along the way. 

Our sanitising hand wash, developed by Bio-D, neutralises 99.9% of bacteria and is 100% hypoallergenic - leaving it extra-gentle on skin. 

The way our refillable hand sanitiser works is that it arrives straight to your door in a protective pouch that can be collected and then sent back to us using a pre-paid postal return box. 

Not only does this help to alleviate the presence of wasteful and garish plastic packaging around the bathroom and kitchen, but it also allows you to get creative with your dispensers. At Bower Collective, we even supply our own reusable glass and plastic dispensers, which are designed to add an element of elegance to the room. 


Go Plastic Free in The Bathroom With Truthbrush

It’s time to bring bamboo into your life. Lockdown is a great backdrop in which we can stop to reassess how we rely on plastics to create our basic hygiene products. The Truthbrush has been built from both bamboo and plant-based bristles that can come in a softer form or more firm. 

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and has the power to bring a new level of aesthetics into the bathroom where most products are constructed from unsightly and dangerous plastics. 


Embrace Eco-Friendly Body Wash

The bathroom is another prime culprit for the accumulation of plastic waste in the house. Packaging for body wash, shampoo, conditioner and soap can litter the room, while disposable products like razors only add to the carbon footprint of a home. 

At Bower Collective, we’ve teamed up with Bramley to bring reusable solutions to bathrooms. With products like Bramley’s 500ml Body Wash pouches, it’s possible to enjoy liquid body wash without any burden on the environment. The body wash arrives in a refillable pouch that can be sent back to us to clean, sterilise and refill with more product to be posted. 

The beauty of our body wash is that it can banish all the unsightly disposable plastics from your bathroom while helping the environment. For dispensing the product safely and effortlessly, you can buy one of our elegant reusable PET dispensers!

Lockdown has presented us with lots of unforeseen challenges. It’s also given us the chance to reassess our carbon footprints and invest our newfound time at home in creating a more sustainable living environment. At Bower Collective, we’re committed to helping you to rid your house of harmful plastic waste, one sandwich bag at a time. 

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