How to choose your eco floor cleaner

How to choose your eco floor cleaner

It’s no secret that some cleaning products, including floor cleaners, contain toxic ingredients, and that when these toxins come into contact with our skin it can exacerbate conditions such as eczema or cause rashes, itchiness or soreness. Direct contact with the skin is more likely when we are using the product or touching the surface that is being cleaned.

But, what if your skin was always in contact with these toxic ingredients? When we (and our kids) walk barefoot on a floor that has been cleaned with toxic floor cleaner, that is exactly what is happening. And, don’t forget, if you have pets then they will also be in direct contact with these toxins.

Sustainable alternatives are not only better for the planet but also safer for our health. But how do you choose the right eco floor cleaner? Read on to find out more.

What is an eco-friendly floor cleaner?

Eco floor cleaners are designed with sustainability in mind. They are made from natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and packaged in recyclable materials – or even better, they have reusable packaging like our BowerPacks, which can be returned and refilled.

Eco-friendly floor cleaners come in various forms, including liquids, powders and concentrates. They can be used on different types of floors such as sealed hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring.

The benefits of using non-toxic floor cleaners include reduced environmental pollution, improved indoor air quality, and minimised health risks associated with exposure to toxic cleaning products. And they smell nicer too, using naturally derived ingredients rather than artificial fragrances.

What to consider when choosing an eco-friendly floor cleaner


The first thing to look out for when choosing the best sustainable floor cleaner is what it contains. Look out for plant-based ingredients rather than petroleum-based ones, and avoid cleaners that contain phosphates, bleach, ammonia or other harsh chemicals that can harm your health and the environment.

Some eco-friendly ingredients include vinegar (a natural disinfectant), baking soda (a mild abrasive), essential oils (for fragrance), and plant-derived surfactants (for cleaning power).

Bower’s Sweet Orange Floor Cleaner contains only naturally derived ingredients. Not only can you trust that your family and pets will be safe from toxic chemicals, but you can guarantee your floor will be squeaky clean too!


Sustainable packaging is another critical factor that will help you choose the best eco-friendly floor cleaner. Look for products packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials. Some brands even offer refillable containers to reduce waste further.

If you want to go one further, Bower products, such as our Toilet CleanerLimescale Remover and All-Purpose Sanitiser Spray use fully reusable and trackable refill pouches. And of course, our sustainable Floor Cleaner comes in our unique BowerPack too, which ensures zero plastic waste in your home.


Looking at the certifications on your cleaning products will help you identify genuine eco-friendly floor cleaners from their toxin-filled counterparts.

Look for products that hold certifications such as ‘Certified B Corp’ or 'Leaping Bunny' or look for information such as 'vegan' and 'naturally derived ingredients'. These certifications assure that the product meets stringent environmental and health standards, while the product information guarantees an eco-friendly item.


While the ingredients in eco-friendly floor cleaners are more gentle on the environment that doesn’t mean they’re not tough when it comes to cleaning.

Bower’s naturally derived floor cleaner delivers effortless results around the home, infused with orange essential oils it leaves your floor sparkling and gently fragranced.

It’s excellent value for money too. Our Floor Cleaner comes in 1L pouches – simply dilute 10 ml with 5L of water and your pouch will last 100 uses before it’s time to top up your resuable container. What's more, if you subscribe you will save 20%!

Suitable for use on sealed stone, slate, wood, laminate, tiled and vinyl flooring, Bower Floor Cleaner is not only ideal for any eco-friendly home, but you can rest assured that all members of the family (including the four-legged kind!) can go safely barefoot at home.

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