Our impact in 2023

Our impact in 2023


Welcome to our 2023 impact report, celebrating a year in which we made even more positive progress in our mission to transition the consumer goods industry to a plastic waste free, low carbon future. 

The macro environment remained challenging - not just commercially but also at an environmental and regulatory / legislative level. COP28 was controversially hosted in the petrostate of the UAE, with still no formal agreement on phasing out of fossil fuels (unsurprisingly given the vested interests of the host nation).

In the UK, the long-awaited EPR legislation (Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging waste) was delayed by another year, the latest in a series of delays from the government.

Despite this backdrop, here at Bower we remained laser-focused on our mission and made positive strides across our strategic plan. In this report we highlight the major roll-out of our BowerPack™ reusable packaging system and the considerable progress we achieved around understanding and improving our carbon impact.

Enjoy and thanks as always for your support! 🌎

You can read our full 2023 impact report here.


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