Just how good are eco dishwasher tablets?

Just how good are eco dishwasher tablets?

When it comes to getting dirty dishes sparkling clean, eco dishwasher tablets are just as good as traditional non-eco tablets. But, when it comes to being kind to the planet they’re even better! Better because they contain no nasty chemicals, avoid plastic waste that clutters landfill, and are vegan and cruelty free.

The formulations and ingredients found in all our eco-friendly dishwashing products, leave your pots, pans and plates beautifully shiny and streak-free without putting harmful toxins in our waterways. They also use recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging, so there’s minimal impact on the environment. 

How effective are eco dishwasher tablets?

The active ingredients used in Bower’s Eco Dishwasher Tablets are not only biodegradable and non-toxic, but they do a great job at cleaning. While  water hardness, the type of food on the dishes and if the food has dried on, all play a part in how your dishwasher performs, eco tablets will clean as effectively as their non-eco counterparts without polluting the planet. 

Beyond buying a good dishwasher tablet, you should also top your dishwasher up with dishwasher salt and a good rinse aid. These are a bit like oil in your car - you can run the machine without them, but for best long term performance they’re simply critical!

Bower’s new dishwasher tablets have a subtle lemon scent that leaves your dishwasher feeling fresh too. Unlike other eco dishwasher tablets, there are no unpleasant musty smells at the end of a cycle.

How to choose eco-friendly dishwasher tablets

The key things to look out for when picking eco-friendly tablets for your dishwasher are:

  • Whether it contains plant-based or naturally derived ingredients and avoids phosphates and chlorine.
  • If the packaging is recyclable, compostable or refillable.
  • If the product is cruelty free. Many big non-eco companies still test on animals, so if you can’t see a cruelty free or vegan logo on the packaging, then definitely steer clear.

While it’s sometimes tempting to go for the cheap supermarket option when buying household cleaning products, think about what cost this might have on the planet in the long run. To make it easier, save money and stay green, when you subscribe to Bower’s new dishwasher tablets, you will automatically save 10%. Plus they’ll be delivered straight to your door on a regular basis so you never run out.

Bower’s dishwasher tablets contain more than 87% naturally derived ingredients. We have NO added colours because these don’t help with cleaning at all! Our tablets work brilliantly on all types of stains, leaving crockery, glass, stainless steel and more, shiny and streak-free.

What’s more, the tabs are compact and covered in a biodegradable, water-soluble wrapper, so they’re neat, easy to store and stay protected. The wrapper is made from naturally derived materials, while the tablets themselves are all stored in a box made from recycled cardboard.

Do eco dishwasher tablets work?

Yes! Eco dishwasher tablets are incredibly effective when it comes to cleaning the day’s plates, pots and pans in the dishwasher. And while they are also kinder to our environment when compared to traditional dishwashing detergents, they also make for a nicer eco-home.

So if you want to guarantee squeaky clean crockery and cutlery that’s as good for your family as it is for the planet, eco really is the only way to go.

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