Our Carbon Neutral Strategy at Bower

Our Carbon Neutral Strategy at Bower

After a rainy summer for us in the West Country it might not seem like it, but 2023 is looking like the hottest year since records began. In fact the last decade is likely to have been the hottest in the last 125,000 years! We are all reading daily about the impacts of climate change and how these disproportionately affect the poorest, exacerbating their existing vulnerabilities.

At Bower Collective we want to be part of the solution to climate change. We are optimists creating a new way of using (gorgeous) products for your home. So we set out from the start to build a low carbon business and give our customers confidence that Bower Collective’s business and products are carbon neutral. 

We work with Climate Partner who independently measure our carbon footprint and are assisting us in our low carbon strategy. The four pillars of the strategy are: 

  • Local production
  • Natural ingredients
  • BowerPack reusable packaging
  • Carbon neutrality at a business and product level

Local production 🇬🇧

Local production is a key factor in keeping our carbon footprint low. Many well known brands of household and personal care goods are made globally. This creates a considerable amount of carbon to move the products to the UK. Bower manufactures all of its products in the UK.

Natural ingredients 🌱

Bower is passionate about using natural ingredients in our products and these are less carbon intensive than petrochemical based ingredients. Our commitment to being natural keeps our carbon footprint lower and makes products that are higher quality and without nasty chemicals.

BowerPack 🔁

BowerPack our renewable packaging system uses lightweight pouches and then reuses them until they fail at which point they are recycled. We believe BowerPack to be the most carbon efficient packaging on the planet and it has been shown by lifecycle analysis to be 90% more carbon efficient than single use packaging.

Carbon neutrality 🌎

Bower is carbon neutral, for the whole business and at an individual product level! We have worked with Climate Partner to measure our carbon impact. They have assisted us in our plans to continually improve our carbon intensity (carbon emitted per £1 of revenue). Through Climate Partner we offset our remaining carbon emissions across the entire business and supply chain (scopes 1, 2 and 3) through investing in gold standard renewable energy offset projects.

But carbon offsetting is only the final part of the strategy. Our focus remains building a low carbon company from the ground up and then continuing to reduce our carbon intensity. We are proud that our customers can be confident they are not contributing to climate change when they buy natural products from Bower Collective.

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