5 reasons to switch to plastic-free dishwasher tablets

5 reasons to switch to plastic-free dishwasher tablets

As the saying goes, a tidy home is a tidy mind. But here at Bower, we think it goes bigger than that, as a tidy clutter-free home can also lead to a cleaner planet.

Choosing household products, such as plastic-free dishwasher tablets, not only has an impact on your living environment but it means you are preventing plastic from ending up in landfill and clogging up our beaches and oceans too.

With 96 billion pieces of plastic being thrown out of UK homes every year, there has never been a better time to make the switch to plastic-free. From plastic-free dishwashing accessories to washing-up liquids made with kinder healthier non-toxic alternatives, there’s plenty you can do to help.

Here’s our top five reasons why you should make the switch to plastic-free dishwasher tablets right now:

1. Plastic-free dishwasher tablets are more environmentally friendly

The first and most obvious reason for switching to plastic-free dishwasher tablets is because of the impact on the planet. Like plenty of other non-eco cleaning products, traditional dishwasher tablets often come packaged in plastic, contributing significantly to the global plastic-waste dilemma. According to a report by the United Nations around 2,000 truckloads of the world’s plastic ends up in our oceans, rivers and lakes.

By choosing plastic-free dishwasher tablets, you are actively reducing your contribution to this devastating statistic. The eco-friendly alternatives come in recyclable or compostable packaging, significantly reducing your household's overall plastic waste output. 

Bower’s Eco Dishwasher Tablets are wrapped in a water-soluble biodegradable film that’s 100% plastic-free, and made with naturally derived ingredients. Meanwhile, the box is 100% recycled FSC cardboard. The tablets are also made with naturally derived and ethically sourced ingredients.

2. Plastic-free dishwasher tablets are powerful at cleaning

Going green does not mean compromising on quality or performance. Our plastic-free dishwasher tablets have a powerful formula that effectively removes tough stains and food residues, leaving your dishes sparkling clean and streak free. What’s more they are also effective when it comes to cleaning at low temperatures or on the eco cycle of your dishwasher 

Eco-friendly alternatives use gentle but powerful ingredients with a more natural scent than their synthetic counterparts. While the effectiveness of any dishwasher tablet – eco and non-eco – is at the mercy of water hardness and the type of food on the dishes, one thing is for sure: choosing the green version is far healthier for you, your family and the planet.

3. Plastic-free dishwasher tablets are a healthier choice

Most plastic-free dishwasher tablets use natural ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for humans and pets. They do not contain harmful substances such as chlorine bleach often found in traditional dishwasher tablets. These nasty ingredients can cause allergies or other health issues, and are harmful if they come into contact with skin. Bower’s eco-friendly dishwasher tabs are made with more than 87% naturally derived ingredients, and contain no artificial colours.

4. Plastic-free dishwasher tablets are cost effective

While it’s easy to assume eco-friendly products are more expensive than conventional ones, this isn't always true. Many eco dishwasher tablets are competitively priced without any compromise on the quality or effectiveness of the product.

Furthermore, these environmentally friendly alternatives can also be bought in bulk to keep the cost down. By subscribing to Bower’s plastic-free dishwasher tablets you can save 10% on the individual price, and get them delivered straight to your door at regular intervals so your eco home is always stocked-up.

5. It’s easy to make the switch to plastic-free dishwasher tablets

Switching from traditional dishwasher tablets to their eco-friendly counterparts is easy to do. They work in exactly the same way as non-eco tablets – simply pop one into your machine's dispenser and you’re good to go.

Traditional dishwasher tablets are often packaged in big plastic tubs and individually wrapped in non-compostable materials. Our new eco-friendly dishwasher tablets are not only packaged in biodegradable wrappers, but the box is plastic-free too made with 100% recycled cardboard. This means less clutter in your home and it looks smarter too!

So, with these five great reasons to choose eco-friendly alternatives, the conclusion is simple: make the switch to plastic-free dishwasher tablets today!

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