Happier Remineralising Fresh Mint Toothpaste - 75ml

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Did you know 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes go to landfill every year because they cannot be recycled? Happier Beauty toothpaste is different!

It has a 100% recyclable aluminium tube. The lid can be sent back to us in your Bower free post returns envelope along with your empty pouches and we will responsibly recycle them.

Happier Beauty toothpaste is suitable for sensitive teeth. We use 4 different types of natural mint plant to get a fresh 100% natural mint flavour. It does not contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, triclosan, petrochemicals or colours. We have added papaya enzymes for gentle, natural whitening, vitamin E for gum health and dentist approved minerals like fluoride and hydroxyapatite to help strengthen our enamel.

✅ Certifed Vegan by The Vegan Society

✅ Certified Cruelty Free by PETA


Glycerin, aqua, hydrated silica, potassium citrate, hydroxyapatite, cocamidopropyl betaine, aroma, cellulose gum, sodium fluoride, stevioside, papain, sodium chloride, limonene, tocopheryl acetate, linalool.

Potential Allergens: Limonene, linalool.

Hydroxyapatite is the mineral used by our bodies to make our teeth and bones. It is highly biocompatible with us and the planet. Hydroxyapatite works with fluoride to replace lost minerals in your tooth enamel. It can help to strengthen soft spots in your enamel, reduce sensitivity and improve whiteness.

Papain is an enzyme from papaya fruit. It helps to stop new stains sticking to your teeth.

Potassium citrate gently helps sensitive teeth. It is a form of the mineral potassium.

Cocomidopropyl betaine. Toothpaste needs a little foam to help lift debris from your teeth and gums. Coconut oil has been lightly processed to give a gentle foamer (this is the least processed foamer we can find).

Stevioside. We don't use artificial sweeteners. We use a tiny bit of natural Stevia to sweeten Happier Beauty Toothpaste.

Hydrated silica helps to gently remove old stains. We use a patented blend of soft rounded silica to help remove stains on your teeth without abrasion.

Glycerin. We use a plant based glycerin to stop Happier Beauty Toothpaste from drying out. 

Water is used to make Happier Beauty Toothpaste runny so it can be squeezed out of the tube easily.

Cellulose gum is sourced from plants and helps to keep Happier Beauty Toothpaste always squeezable. 

Limonene is a naturally occurring component of our natural flavours.

How to use

Brush twice daily. Adults: Apply 1-inch strip and brush thoroughly or as recommended by a dentist or doctor. Children under 6 years: Use a peasized amount for supervised brushing to minimise swallowing. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, consult a dentist or doctor.

Why we love Happier

We love Happier toothpaste because they make their products using ingredients that you understand and packaging that doesn't cost the earth.

Eliminating ocean-bound plastic

With every Bower order we work with our partners CleanHub to prevent ocean-bound plastic waste.

We have committed to stop 10,000 kgs of non recyclable plastic from entering our oceans this year. Bower Collective enables the safe collection and recovery of ocean bound plastic waste, working directly with waste-picking communities in Kerala, India. Your contribution, through your order, supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs in the global south.

Delivery and returns

Once placed, your order will typically be with you within 3-5 working days. Delivery is £3.99 or FREE for all orders over £40.

If you're not happy with your order for any reason please get in touch with our customer service team.

With every Bower order we work with our partners CleanHub to prevent ocean-bound plastic waste

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