The downfall of soap bars – why liquid soap refills are the way forward

The downfall of soap bars – why liquid soap refills are the way forward

Liquid soap refills offer a convenient way to wash our hands, but there used to be a time when bars of soap were found at every sink in homes up and down the country.

Soap bars have been around for centuries and were once considered a revolutionary invention. But, in more recent times, this household essential has been replaced by the more convenient, more hygenic, and let’s face it, less messy liquid soap.

We delve into why liquid soap refills are now becoming the go-to option for your eco-friendly home.

1. Liquid soap refills are eco-friendly

When it comes to shop-bought liquid soap refills, one major drawback is the amount of plastic waste generated by single-use plastic bottles, but this is where liquid soap refills come into play.

Refills, including those for household-cleaning products, offer a more sustainable alternative without compromising on hygiene or convenience.

At Bower, our liquid soap refills come in reusable pouches that hold more product than regular-sized bottles. This means fewer containers to produce, thus reducing energy consumption during production and decreasing carbon emissions from transportation.

Refill pouches also use less plastic than traditional plastic bottles, making them an eco-friendlier choice for consumers concerned about their environmental footprint.

2. Liquid soap refills are more convenient

Sick of messy gloopy soap falling apart in your hands? Liquid soap banishes the mess and keeps every soap dispenser in your home topped up and ready to use. This convenience not only cuts down on household-cleaning time but there is less wastage too, as liquid soap dispenses exactly the amount you need.

At Bower, we've found another way to add to the convenience. Once you have used up your refill pouches, send the empties back to us for free and we'll do the rest – reusing and refilling over and over again!

3. Liquid soap refills are cleaner

Because soap bars are often used by multiple people this means they often carry bacteria. And while you are unlikely to pick up germs from the soap bar itself, it’s just that little bit nicer using liquid soap knowing it’s not harbouring germs!

4. Liquid soap refills are easier to use

With traditional soap bars, wet hands and slippery suds often make them tricky to handle. However, liquid soap comes in convenient reusable pump bottles, making it easy to dispense with one hand.

5. Liquid soap refills are an easy substitute for soap bars

When it comes to scents and qualities, liquid soaps have just as much choice as soap bars. They often include the same moisturising ingredients and essential oils that leave your hands feeling soft and smelling great after each wash. So if you want to make the swap from soap bar to liquid refill you won't be missing out.

Bower's hand wash refills are all made with naturally derived ingredients, and if you prefer to go without the scent, then we also have a fragrance-free liquid soap refill, ideal for sensitive skin. 

By choosing liquid soap refills instead of single-use bottles or bar soaps wrapped in plastic packaging, you're not only choosing a product that's better for your health but also one that's better for our planet. Make the swap today!

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