5 reasons why a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than washing by hand

5 reasons why a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than washing by hand

Choosing eco-friendly dishwasher tablets is essential for any eco home, but if you want to do even more for the environment, then is it better to wash up by hand or use the dishwasher?

It might be a surprise to learn that using the dishwasher could be the greener choice. Here are five reasons why:

1. Dishwashers use less water

Most modern dishwashers come with an eco-mode that shortens the cycle time (and therefore the amount of water and electricity needed to heat it), while still delivering gleaming results. This smart technology ensures that not a drop more water is used during each cycle.

Selecting your dishwasher's eco mode uses significantly less water than washing the dishes by hand. But, if you need to run the dishwasher on a standard cycle, then you can still maximise the efficiency by making sure the machine is full and properly stacked.

Water UK's Water's Worth Saving campaign gives plenty more advice on how you can cut down on your household's water usage.

2. Dishwashers can be more energy efficient

According to the Energy Saving Trust, running a standard size dishwasher accounts for 8% of our electricity bill.

Because dishwashers only heat a small amount of water in their own unit, this is less energy-intensive than using your household’s hot-water supply when washing dishes by hand. Dishwashers with an ‘A rating’ are the most efficient, using less water and electricity per cycle. 

Another tip to save on the energy bills is to let the dishes dry naturally by opening the dishwasher at the end of the cycle – this cuts down on the cost and electricity needed to run the machine’s energy-guzzling heated dry cycle.

3. You can use eco-friendly dishwasher tablets

While eco-friendly dishwashing liquid is great for washing by hand, the amount of washing-up liquid needed to take on the day’s plates, pots and pans can vary, especially if you need extra to scrub away at stubborn stains. However, dishwashers just take one tablet per cycle, making it easy to budget for and ensure you never run out.

Bower’s own gently scented, vegan and plastic waste-free eco-friendly dishwasher tablets offer powerful cleaning delivered by naturally derived ingredients. Each tab is wrapped in biodegradable material and cleans up beautifully each and every time.

Made with no nasty chemicals, eco-friendly dishwasher tablets don't leave harmful residue behind in the water supply or your home. Subscribe to our dishwasher tabs and washing liquid to save 10% on the cost.

4. Lower your household's carbon footprint

When it comes to doing the dishes, it's important to think beyond your household’s water and energy usage and consider the broader impact on the environment.

According to Ovo Energy using a dishwasher results in a smaller carbon footprint compared to washing dishes by hand, stating that dishwashers produce half the amount of greenhouse gases compared to heating the water needed to do the chore by hand. 

These figures, taken from a study by the Environmental Research Communications in the US, were based on energy-efficient dishwashers and skipped the pre-rinse and heat-drying cycles.

The study revealed that washing by hand (while leaving the hot water running to rinse the dishes) created 5,620 kg of greenhouse gases over a 10-year period (based on 32 place settings per week). Meanwhile, a dishwasher produced 2,090kg of emissions over the same period and place settings.

5. Using the dishwasher saves time (and your hands)

While this may not directly relate to environmental benefits, time efficiency is another reason why dishwashers come out on top.

The time you save from not having to wash dishes by hand can be used for other eco-friendly tasks such as composting or growing your own vegetables! 🪴🥕

If you have sensitive skin, then using the dishwasher also limits the contact you have with washing-up liquid. But, for the times when you do need to wash the dishes by hand, choosing eco-friendly washing-up liquid made with naturally derived ingredients is safer and a more gentle option.

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