Sustainable Beauty Product Swaps from a Makeup Artist

Sustainable Beauty Product Swaps from a Makeup Artist

Jen, a wonderful member of the Bower community, has shared her thoughts on how to make sustainable swaps in your beauty routine. As a professional makeup artist – she really knows what she's talking about!

Within the world of makeup artistry and beauty there is a fundamental flaw. While we are beautifying wonderful human beings, creating enticing images and making people feel great, the industry can also be wasteful and toxic. 

A makeup artist's kit is extensive, not only do we require many products to suit all skin types and tones, but we also apply and remove makeup on repeat using wipes and cotton pads. This can lead to so much waste going to landfill. There is a lot of plastic packaging across many skincare brands, but many are improving the situation by using recycled plastic and glass bottles.

I always try to use safe, ethical products that are mainly derived from natural plant-based ingredients. I believed in upcycling and recycling from the start of my makeup career in 2007. Unfortunately, there were some things that you could not avoid back then, but fast-forward to the present and we CAN do something that will help lessen our waste and be as sustainable as possible.

Many eco-beauty brands strive to be as transparent as possible for their customers, providing information so you can guarantee cruelty free, plastic-free products, which have been ethically sourced. Many brands also check that its supply chain is as eco-friendly as possible, sourcing ethical ingredients and focusing on being carbon neutral by reducing its carbon footprint.

Making sure all packaging is recycled is important to me, which is why I use Bower Collective refills for laundry, fabric conditioner, sanitising hand soap (it smells superb, plus they contain no nasty ingredients that add to dry cracked hands). I also find the toilet cleaner really effective, and the washing up soap can be used to clean my makeup brushes.

But what about in your beauty and makeup kit, I hear you say? Okay, so let me tell you about a few of the sustainable swaps that are easy to do…

Bambaw Reusable makeup pads

One important swap is to stop using throwaway disposables and switch to 100% recycled or, even better, reusable products. Endless cotton pads and cotton buds are used and discarded all the time. I have now switched to reusable face pads for cleansing skin, as well as bamboo cotton buds for cleaning up makeup smudges on clients, plus I use them in my home too.

Disposable pads and buds are used to clean faces and maintain hygiene, however the reusable makeup pads are washable, so ticks all boxes.

These Bambaw Reusable makeup pads are the best I have tried.

There are 12 soft bamboo velvet pads in each pack, and because they're super-soft, there's no excessive dragging of the skin. There are also four pads made with bamboo terry, which is good for cleansing with water and a cleanser. Talking of which, Beauty Kitchen do an awesome cleanser too. Read on to find out more…

Prime Time Cream Cleanser

The Prime Time Cream Cleanser by Beauty Kitchen is the perfect cleanser. Just splash water on your face, rub with clean fingertips and massage into skin to melt off makeup and grime from the day. You can then rinse off and repeat if required, and sweep over a wet bamboo terry pad to clean off any residue. It's great for taking off makeup and leaving your skin hydrated and nourished from the outside.

Beauty Kitchen's ethos is about being effective, natural and sustainable. You can send your used bottle back (along with your empty Bower collective refill pouches too) and they will clean, refill and reuse them. One less item of packaging to landfill! #ReuseRevolution

Because all the products are vegan, no animals have been harmed or exploited in any way. Finally, they are a UK-based brand. I always try to search and use UK products to support our local businesses and it makes me feel better knowing they have not been shipped over.

Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil

I would like to give a major shout-out to the Seahorse Plankton High Definition Facial Oil. I recently used it on models and clients, after I had taken their makeup off. Not only is it putting pure goodness back into their skin, but it provides a moment of calm too after a busy working day.

This is a remarkable product, simply put a few drops into your hand to warm it up, then press onto your skin and neck. I also place my palms close to my nose then inhale and exhale a few times – it smells so divine and immediately relaxes you. This product also supports the Seahorse Trust. It couldn't be more perfect!

UpCircle Face Moisturiser

Ideally, we should be using a moisturiser every day, and it is a key product for any makeup artist to create a glowing healthy base before applying makeup. UpCircle is now in my top ten, as it ticks so many boxes.

This one cream suits all skin types and is skin soothing with deep hydration and fast absorption. This is important for a makeup artist, as I do not want a sticky, thick moisturiser that creates a greasy layer on the skin. I love that it uses finely ground powder from discarded argan shells, which is a natural by-product of the argan oil industry, and is rich in antioxidant Vitamin E. No waste here! Again, this is a UK-made product that is sustainable and fights waste. The natural ingredients are also ethical, unlike some creams that are not palm-oil free, for instance.

If you want an all-round effective moisturiser then this is perfect. If you prefer a day cream, night cream and eye cream for more targeted nourishment, then there are more available at Bower, including from Bramley, Evolve and Neal’s Yard (all UK brands) that you can browse through here.

I am truly delighted to have discovered Bower Collective. Not only do I have confidence that its products are chosen carefully according to each brand's values and ingredients, but the bonus of getting them on subscription gives you no excuse and it makes your life easier! It's perfect for anyone, especially a busy working makeup artist and mum like me.

Hopefully you will find many top beauty products and swaps for yourself on the Bower Collective website and start sustainable beauty swapping if you haven’t already. Take care of your skin and take care of our planet at the same time!

Written by Jen at LoLo & Co 

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