'My Sustainable Home' with Naomi

We love that Bower customers are a community of people who are passionate about sustainability - and because that inspires us, we wanted to share more of your stories within the Bower Blog.

We caught up with Naomi and asked her to share with us her journey towards sustainable living. She explains how for her, creating a sustainable home "definitely doesn't happen over night, but that's what makes it fun and part of the journey" - we couldn't agree more and we think she is amazing for taking the steps that she is.

What influenced you to start creating a sustainable home?

The Covid-19 Pandemic. I've always had an interest in eco-friendly products and a sustainable way of living, but I think living in lockdown and having to live a more simplistic lifestyle (to a degree), really propelled that drive in wanting to creating a sustainable home, research further (having had more time!) and play a part in protecting the environment! How amazing is it that dolphins are back swimming the canals in venice, and that carbon emissions have reduced? I think lockdown has shown me that creating a sustainable home to any extent, whether big or small changes, is achievable.

What were the first changes that you made when cutting plastic waste from your home?

For me it was really clear the main sources of plastic were in the kitchen and bathroom, so I started with making just a few changes from each and working from there. For the bathroom it was soap and shampoo bars to replace plastic bottles. I love all the different styles and scents. They make the bathroom smell amazing too. For the kitchen, it was actually Bower Collective's hand wash & fabric conditioner refills which we are really enjoying and work a treat! I've just moved onto the washing up liquid and we love the scent. I'm looking forward to trying the new scented Lavender refill for the fabric conditioner next month! One of the key lessons we learnt is that cutting plastic waste takes time and care to find the right products which work for you. It definitely doesn't happen over night, but that's what makes it fun and part of the journey :)

Can you give a sustainable tip or plastic-free swap?

Swapping plastic bottles for refills! I found cleaning products the biggest area to tackle. We use Bower Collective products, and also Ocean Saver drops, which you can put into a bottle of warm water and it dissolves to make a cleaning product. We use cloths to clean surfaces, which can be washed and re-used, no more wipes! Soaps or refills are again a great swap for plastic bottles in the bathroom plus i've found they last longer. We use Cheeky Panda's Bamboo toilet roll which is great and better for the planet. A reusable water and coffee cup are an everyday must have - I use them all the time and take them out with me, including work where I get money off my coffee if I bring my own cup, win! A bamboo toothbrush is another good, simple swap, or if you have an electric toothbrush like we do, a recyclable electric toothbrush head is great too - and which I was delighted to find Bower also stock!

What is your favourite Bower Collective product and why?

My favourite would be the Lime and Aloe Vera sanitising hand wash. It smells divine. During the pandemic we have noticed our hands getting really sore and dry from washing them so much. This product leaves them feeling really soft and gentle.

Thank you to Naomi for answering our questions!



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