Introducing The Bower Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitiser Gel

Introducing The Bower Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitiser Gel

Pocket sized hand sanitiser gel and face masks have become the new accessories for 2020. We’ve all seen and made use of the reusable face mask. In a variety of designs, we’re even able to use them to compliment an outfit, but not to any detriment to the environment.

But how is hand sanitiser gel being made environmentally friendly?

Products are swarming the shelves to help continue to keep everyone safe. But many of these products either aren’t manufactured with environmental practices as a high priority or aren’t as kind to skin as we’d hope.

Bower confronts both of these concerns head on with an alternative that reduces waste and is kind on skin for all the family. With Bower Collective’s continued efforts to bring all natural alternatives for keeping a healthy home, family care remains paramount with the new hand sanitiser gel.

Why is Bower Hand Sanitiser Gel different?

Our hand sanitiser gel is in a glass bottle. A recyclable initiative where it can be refilled again and again. Although glass seems like an unusual choice for a travel product, it’s safe, robust and ultimately built to last without being heavy. As with other Bower products, the reusable scheme makes this ultimately unique. Refillable pouches arrive on your doorstep at a time you specify depending on how much you
and your family use the product. Once empty and received back, these pouches are cleaned, sterilised and filled again. Sustainable living is a top priority and this type of distribution means that plastic waste is minimised.

There’s no difficulty in refilling the pocket sized bottle. As convenient as the sizing of the travel bottle is, the refill pouches feature a spout that is designed to pour easily into them. By beginning to build a consumer habit of purchasing a needed product in this way, the contribution to plastic free living will be immense. Without initiatives like this, single-use plastic consumption will increase dramatically and inevitably have a negative impact on our environment that is already suffering.

We’re conscious of how Covid-19 has caused a rise in single-use plastic and this is a great alternative to continually throwing away or recycling hand sanitiser bottles.

What's so special about the ingredients?

When we think of a plastic waste-free home, options feel as though they could be limited. This is not the case for this version of the most essential item individuals are now carrying. To be effective against Covid-19, experts state if you are unable to wash your hands with soap and water, a hand sanitiser gel needs to have a minimum alcohol content of 60%. (1) The Bower Sanitiser Gel is of 65% volume. There’s no denying that this will keep your family protected! A ruthless clean in combination with the other natural, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly ingredients, this Vegan product stands strong with any competition.

Essential oils have been used for over five millennia for their many beneficial properties. For a product like this, it becomes luxurious and pleasurable to use for not having an overpowering clinical scent. The mixture of lemongrass and grapefruit complement the sanitising properties. Lemongrass is naturally full of antioxidants and known for its antibacterial properties to be effective against a variety of drug-resistant bacterias. (2)

Grapefruit is another antibacterial ingredient, kind to the skin and with a calming scent. Not only are these all natural ingredients, but they’re popular in aromatherapy for relieving stress and anxiety. The sanitisers fragrance brings a calming aroma just when it’s needed. We’re also fortunate enough to have a mixture with Aloe Vera. Popular for its properties to soothe inflamed skin, it works to keep hands moisturised. This also encourages the use of the product as hands don’t end up being dry or irritated. The simplicity of these ingredients, naturally full of benefits, continually gentle on skin to keep a happy and healthy family! Whilst hand washing will always be the most effective prevention for Covid-19, Bower Hand Sanitising Gel is the perfect on the go alternative.

The sanitiser refill reduces individual and family collective plastic waste. The all round solution to keeping your family safe and continuing to help the environment. Bower collective continues to make it easy to remain eco-friendly before, during and after a pandemic.

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