How full is your washing machine?

How full is your washing machine?

If you lead a busy lifestyle that involves frequently needing to wash grubby gym kits or school uniforms, it can be tempting to load the washing machine more often than necessary, even if it’s only half full. But only filling up halfway and not taking advantage of the full capacity of your washing machine can be incredibly wasteful when it comes to water and electricity.

According to UKCPI (UK Cleaning Products Industry Association), “Only 49% of wash loads are fully loaded in Europe. If all loads were washed full, 715 million litres of water a day would be saved – the equivalent water used by 5 million people, or a city the size of Barcelona."

If you need to do a smaller amount of washing, check to see if your machine has a half-load setting, as this will be more economical. Remember, on a full-load setting, your machine will use the same amount of water and energy regardless of the amount of clothes, so it pays to use the half-load setting if you can. This is especially important if you’re looking to keep your electricity bills manageable.

However, striking the right balance is key, as you don’t want to overload your machine either. Stuffing the drum too tightly will mean less efficient washing, and it can cause damage to the machine. Fill the drum so that you are easily able to place a hand at the top of the pile – this means there will be enough room for the water to rinse the clothes and for the laundry detergent to work its magic. You are looking to fill the machine to roughly three-quarters full.

Other ways to save

On top of saving energy and water by filling your machine properly, there are also other ways in which you can limit unnecessary waste on laundry day. This includes cutting down on plastic packaging, plus it’s also important that your laundry liquid is toxin-free and doesn’t damage the environment.

Bower’s range of laundry liquid offers exceptional cleaning for all households. Our best-selling Bower Laundry Liquid Lavender Refill – 1L is concentrated to offer value for money. What’s more, this non-bio liquid can be used at lower temperatures and with delicate fabrics. Bower’s laundry liquid is packaged in refill pouches, so you can top up an existing dispenser without adding to plastic waste in your home. Simply return the pouch when it’s empty, and we’ll take care of the rest.

All our laundry liquids are vegan, made in the UK and use 100% naturally derived ingredients. They are also free from nasties, such as SLS and parabens. If you have sensitive skin our Bower Laundry Liquid Refill, 1L is the perfect choice and is accredited by Allergy UK.

Other products in the range include our 1L Bower Lavender Fabric Conditioner refill pouch and our 1L fragrance-free Bower Fabric Conditioner refill pouch. With a gentle yet effective formula that protects fibres, our fabric conditioners will leave your laundry soft and static-free, while being kind to the planet too.

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