Carbon Neutral announcement!

Carbon Neutral announcement!

Summer 2022 was a bit hot wasn't it? You’ve got to love us Brit’s response to heat. I read some advice to put a pack of frozen peas under your shirt. Public transport literally melts and stops working. Cricket matches get cancelled for risk of sun stroke.

And we can’t avoid the obvious: man-made global warming is accelerating. Here at Bower we don't want to contribute to climate anxiety but do want to play our part in tackling climate change.

When we started Bower 2 years ago we set out to give you more sustainable household and personal care products. That meant helping you eliminate plastic waste with our reusable packaging and making natural products with no nasty ingredients. But Bower has also always been about reducing your carbon footprint. 

So we started out by making sure we made our products in the UK close to where you live! Clearly the carbon footprint of any product is going to sky rocket if you make it in Asia, or even Australia (mentioning no names ;-) rather than closer to home. Local production is what has the biggest positive impact on our carbon footprint.

We deliver our products in closed loop reusable packaging that can be sent back to us to be reused. A life cycle analysis showed this saves 90% of the carbon associated with the packaging.

Our next move was to get in touch with Planet Mark. They’re a carbon consultancy who have been helping us measure emissions, then put in place a plan to reduce these over time. Our plan is to keep pushing down our carbon emissions in relation to our revenue. Our final step was to offset the remaining carbon emissions we create by investing in a verified scheme protecting Colombian rainforests.

Together the small steps that we make to care for our planet make a difference!

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