How pouch returns work

Eliminate plastic waste in your home with our reuse and refill system and easy pouch returns!

Return your empty pouches

We'll automatically add a pre-paid returns envelope with an order that contains refill pouches. You can adjust the amount of envelopes you need either in the cart or, if you're a subscriber, in your next order details when you log in.

Simply wait until you have at least 4 empty pouches to return (along with any plastic componentry), pop them in your envelope and post them in the Post Box.

There's no need to visit the Post Office - hooray for no queues!

What happens when we receive them

When we receive your empty pouches back at our refill centre they are scanned in (we’ll send you an email to let you know).

If they are our new BowerPack™ pouches, they will be refilled with the same product ready to be sent out again! Our reusable packs are also 90% more carbon efficient than single use packaging, so we save waste and carbon together.

If they are our 1st generation pouches, they will be recycled into new products with our specialist UK partner.

Unlike standard curb-side recycling, we ensure that 100% of our pouches are recycled at the end of their life-cycle, eliminating plastic waste from your home, landfill and the natural environment.

Track your impact

We couldn't do what we do at Bower without the help of you, our amazing community, by returning your empty pouches to us.

We want to celebrate the positive impact you are making! You can log in to your customer account to find out how many pouches you have returned and how much plastic waste this has saved from landfill.

You can also scan the QR code on the back of our BowerPack™ pouch to find out how many times that particular pouch has been reused. Pretty cool? We think so.

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