World Refill Day: Best Refillable Cleaning Products

World Refill Day: Best Refillable Cleaning Products

To celebrate World Refill Day (although we celebrate refills all year round at Bower Collective!) we have rounded up our top ten cleaning and personal care refills to help you reduce your plastic waste and create a sustainable home. 

Our sustainable refills are made right here in the UK, using natural ingredients that are kind to you and to the planet. Every time you refill your reusable dispenser and return your packaging for recycling in your pre-paid envelope, you help eliminate plastic waste.

Let's dive in!

  1. Bower Sanitising Hand Wash Lime and Aloe Vera Refill 1L £8.40

  2. Bower Uplifting Orange Body Wash Refill 500ml £7.49

  3. Bower Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid Refill 1L £3.99

  4. Bower Hand Sanitiser Gel, Grapefruit and Lemongrass Essential Oils - Refill 200ml £8.99

  5. Bower Lavender Laundry Liquid Refill 1L £5.75

  6. Bower Lemongrass All Purpose Sanitiser Spray Refill 1L £4.29

  7. Bower Fragrance Free Sanitising Hand Wash Refill 1L £7.90

  8. Bower Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill 1L £4.49

  9. Bramley Bubble Bath Refill 500ml £19.99


    Bower Bathroom Cleaner Spray Refill 1L £4

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