Why Green Friday is the new Black Friday

Why Green Friday is the new Black Friday

With Black Friday nearly here, it pays to remember that smart shopping is about so much more than grabbing a bargain, and thinking about how to be greener is equally as important. Green Friday is the eco-conscious alternative to Black Friday and aims to help us make more planet-friendly decisions when it comes to the way we shop.

According to the Retail Gazette, last year the UK spent nearly £2bn over Black Friday weekend. And even though that figure is expected to drop due to the current cost-of-living crisis, the figure for expected sales for 2022 still remains significantly high.

The lure of Black Friday is easy to understand with plenty of bargains everywhere, but this can also mean shoppers end up with more than they need, which is bad news for the planet in more ways than one. Excess consumption leads to more mass production, which in turn leads to more pollution from manufacturing and shipping, not to mention tons of plastic packaging ending up in landfill. However, Green Friday is here to put a stop to this wasteful way of shopping and corporate greed that is ruining our planet.

What is Green Friday?

The rapidly growing Green Friday movement started in Australia, and promotes ‘conscious consumerism’ or ‘conscious consumption’. Its aim is to undo the damage of Black Friday by encouraging people worldwide to choose verified eco brands and green products when they shop. It also shares ways in which we can donate to charities or get involved with voluntary conservation work.

To get a head start (and convert Black Friday folk over to the green side) Green Friday starts a week before Black Friday on November 18th. But why wait? At Bower, we have all your clean green products good to go right now, whether you’re looking to stock up on toiletries made with naturally derived ingredients or want to make sure you always have the best eco-friendly cleaning refills to hand, ready to top up your existing dispensers.

Shopping tips for Green Friday

Going green has never been easier and there are now many ways to make smarter choices for you, your home and the environment. Here are some tips to help you get going in time for Green Friday:

Refill and reuse.

Instead of buying products in plastic containers, make the switch to refill pouches – not only do refills cut down on waste, but they’re convenient too. Plus you can save money, as there’s a saving of 10% when you subscribe to our range of Bower refill products. Simply sign up and we’ll make sure your next refill arrives when you need it, so that you never run out. Our refill range includes
household cleaning products, such as Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid and Lavender Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, plus there’s personal care products too, including the bestselling Lime and Aloe Vera Sanitising Hand Wash and gorgeous Uplifting Orange Shower Gel.

Look at the label.

Conscious consumers will want to know they are definitely making eco-friendly purchases on Green Friday. All Bower refill pouches are clearly marked with symbols to show they are vegan, made in the UK and use naturally derived ingredients. Green products can also include logos such as the Leaping Bunny if the product hasn't been tested on animals, or the Fair Trade symbol, which acts as an assurance of fair working conditions for the people who make the product.

Stick with trusted brands.

One way to always stay green is to choose products that have been officially recognised as eco-friendly. Bower is a
certified B Corp, which gives the assurance that we meet rigorous social and environmental standards that puts people and planet first. This means everything you buy from Bower can be trusted, to help you on your way to a greener life and a cleaner planet. 

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