Why Bower Collective does Green Friday

Why Bower Collective does Green Friday

Bower Collective exists to change how products are made and consumed, for good. 

We love being as sustainable as we can and we know that's why our customers love us too. So, we have always felt a little uneasy about the annual ode to rampant consumerism that is Black Friday. The obvious question is then, “why don't you boycott Black Friday?” Well, here is our thinking on the matter and why we call it Green Friday! 💚

Sustainability is baked into our products

When you buy Bower’s natural household and personal care products in our reusable packaging system you are moving the needle towards a more sustainable world. Compared to using a standard big name brand, buying from Bower means you are reusing your packaging, avoiding nasty ingredients that may impact the ecosystem and reducing your carbon footprint (our products are not imported but are made in the UK and are carbon neutral).

So we believe that by using the Black Friday event to encourage people to switch to Bower we are having a positive impact on the planet! 🌎

We are a small business and need every opportunity

The second point is that we are a small business taking on the established consumer goods industry. As such we do need to take every opportunity we have to grow the business and attract new customers (do tell your friends 😉). By boycotting Black Friday we would essentially just be giving this opportunity over to the established brands that are still generating too much single use plastic, chemicals and carbon.

From Black to Green Friday

We know that rampant consumerism has been harming the planet and people too, who are often taken advantage of by supply chains that only care about cost and nothing else. And like you, we are made uncomfortable by Black Friday exemplifying the approach of make, consume and throw away as quickly as possible

Bower Collective is part of building a circular economy with natural products that are carbon neutral and delivered in reusable packaging. So this November you can shop with us confident that it will be a Green Friday!

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