The Best 5 Essential Oils For Perfect Skin

It’s no secret that essential oils can be used to help aid the mind, body and soul. Whether you use them to relax into a deep slumber, aid massaging for relief of muscle pain or within your beauty routine in order to achieve the best skincare results, essential oils truly are, essential. 

From soothing dry and flaky skin to brightening, hydrating and reducing the signs of ageing, essential oils are a must-have in your skincare routine. Whether you’re already obsessed with essential oil-based serums and moisturisers or are looking to add a few to your skincare wishlist to aid either skin ageing, skin tightening or treat irritated skin, you have come to the right place. Here are the best essential oils for skin that you need to have in your beauty routine.

Tea Tree Oil

As one of the most well known essential oils used within the skincare industry, Tea Tree Oil holds its title for a reason. Known for treating moderate acne, this oil is great for removing impurities, surface bacteria, fungus and viruses thanks to its antibacterial properties.

For those of you with acne-prone patches, this is one of the best essential oils for irritated skin. For the best results, dilute with either a carrying oil or mix into your moisturiser to reduce irritation on sensitive skin.

Frankincense Oil

If you’re looking for one of the best essential oils for ageing skin why not try Frankincense oil, the essential serum ingredient nicknamed as “The Fountain Of Youth” for its serious brightening and skin tightening properties. Designed to treat dry skin types and repair mature or sun-damaged skin, a few drops of this essential oil revolutionises your skincare routine.

With such powerful qualities, we suggest finding a cream or serum containing this essential oil if you’re looking to try it for the first time, such as the Frankincense Nourishing Cream from Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Lavender Oil

Known as the essential oil for pure relaxation, lavender may often be forgotten as a skincare essential. In fact, aside from its powerful scent and calming properties, lavender oil is also extremely antibacterial, making it a great addition to an acne-prone skincare routine and one of the best essential oils for irritated skin. 

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is one of the best essential oils for skin tightening, brightening and replenishing. Packed full of vitamins C and A, this essential oil is a natural refresher for tired skin and is known to seriously improve texture.

Better still, Rose Hip is also seriously calming, making the Bramley Calm Balm with Rosehip, Chamomile & Yarrow is one of our favourite product picks for both soft and replenished skin, while also aiding peaceful slumber.

Abyssinian Oil 

Not only is Abyssinian Oil one of the most sustainable essential oils on the planet, but it also packs a punch when it comes to skincare. With extremely lightweight and absorbent properties, this oil is perfect for oily skin types as it aids intense hydration without leaving the skin feeling oily.

Why not try Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Intense Moisture Facial Oil, for a fresh non-comedogenic approach to oily to combination skin treatment, perfect for mixing with moisturisers or on its own.

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