New look and feel for Bower: Returning to our roots

New look and feel for Bower: Returning to our roots

This January we celebrated our fourth birthday - we’ve come a long way in a short time. Over the past year we’ve been doing some reflecting on how our brand looks and feels on the shelf and in your homes. We decided that our packaging look and feel would benefit from being simpler, bolder and more aligned with our core values. 

At the heart of Bower is circularity - enabled by our award winning BowerPack™ reusable packaging. Circularity - represented by the circle - means using resources over and over again in a closed loop to maximise their usefulness and critically, to eliminate waste, which has become all too familiar in our linear, single-use, disposable world. 

Also at the heart of Bower is our origin story - the Bowerbird - famous for reusing waste materials from the beach to decorate its nest, or Bower. So these two guiding principles underpin everything we represent. 

Last summer we hired a very talented Creative Director who used to lead the creative team at Soho House Group to help us bring our brand back to its core essentials, so that we can provide you with products that look great in your home and absolutely reflect your own values and reasons for being a Bower customer. 

Our new design ethos is inspired by the circle – a symbol of harmony with nature that mirrors our unique BowerPack™️ going through many reuse cycles to eliminate waste coming out of your home. 

Our friend the Bowerbird also features within the circle, representing the reuse of materials and the connection between our products and the natural environment. 

We are delighted with the results and hope that you are too - in line with this process we are also embarking on a major fragrance enhancement project - you will notice that some of the product names have changed (i.e. Wild Blossom is now Dahlia & Vanilla, etc), the formulations and great product quality remain the same. 

As always we’d love your feedback! You can see a selection of the new designs below across both our personal care and household product range.

Have a look at our newly designed home care refills, personal care refill range and our newest reusable dispenser bottles.

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