Be More Sustainable At Home with Courtney

Be More Sustainable At Home with Courtney
We asked Courtney to share with us her journey towards creating a sustainable home. We hope you find her advice as useful as we did!

What influenced you to start creating a sustainable home?
Becoming a mother. It completely changed my outlook on life and suddenly I was much more aware of the choices I was making - I wanted them to be the right ones, not just for me and my family but for our planet too.

What were the first changes that you made when cutting plastic waste from your home?
We started small - buying condiments, cordial and oil in glass bottles instead of plastic. Using reusable straws for our son when we were out. Using bars of soap for the shower, etc. From there it felt like we could tackle the bigger things (like refills) as we could already see such a difference in our home!

Can you give a sustainable tip or plastic-free swap?
Every little helps! Don’t feel daunted or overwhelmed by the plastic already in your home. It’s almost impossible to be completely free of it. So whether it’s reusable coffee cups, taking string bags when you grocery shop or buying fruit and veg loose - every swap makes a huge difference!

What is your favourite Bower Collective product and why?
It has to be the refill pouches. It’s the reason why Bower stood out to me and the reason why I quickly became a loyal customer. Being pregnant, I can’t always get to my local zero waste shop to fill up on laundry detergent and washing up liquid. I love that I’m able to buy these products (made from natural, non-toxic ingredients) from Bower and have them delivered to my door, knowing that I can post the pouches back to be reused again!

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