My Sustainable Home' with Amanda: Ways to be More Sustainable at Home

My Sustainable Home' with Amanda: Ways to be More Sustainable at Home

We are back with another 'My Sustainable Home' interview and this time we caught up with Amanda, who is making fantastic progress in tackling plastic waste in her home. 
Read on to find out how she has reduced the plastic waste produced in her home and which Bower product is her favourite... 

What influenced you to start creating a sustainable home?

Simply our wonderful planet... & the realisation that we as a race are slowly destroying it.  

What were the first changes that you made when cutting plastic waste from your home?  

Using glass containers with bamboo lids, using a glass bottle to decanter water into to keep refilling and pop into the fridge.

Can you give a sustainable tip or plastic-free swap? 

Cook a little more when making dinner, then simply pop some into a glass container with lid for lunch the next day.

What is your favourite Bower Collective product and why? 

I love the Lavender Washing Liquid, knowing I can decanter into my container then send back the package for further use is fabulous, & my washing smells amazing.

Thank you so much to Amanda for taking part. If you would like to take part in our 'My Sustainable Home' feature, please get in touch at 

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