Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

Bower - winners two years in a row - we must be doing something right! We are delighted to share that, following our 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Awards for the Best Sustainable Design, we’ve won again in 2022. 

This year our award is for ‘Best progress towards circularity for homes’, recognising our leading role at the forefront of the circular economy and the refill revolution. We were commended for our “clear vision to eliminate plastic waste and create a more sustainable world”. 

The panel of judges featured a wide range of sustainability experts from multiple sectors including carbon, waste and circular economy specialists. 

Ally Head, the Sustainability Editor at Marie Claire, said “I love Bower Collective. A certified B Corp and 2021 MC Sustainability Awards winner, they go above and beyond to ensure all aspects of the business are sustainable, from reusable and recyclable refill pouches to the pre-paid returns envelope they send to make sure you properly recycle through their closed-loop packaging system. Fun fact: their world-first circular packaging solution means they refill the same packaging up to 10 times.” 

The Marie Claire Sustainability Awards celebrate brands that are making a positive difference in the world and we’re proud to be winners two years in a row. We put a huge amount of effort into our BowerPack™ reusable packaging system and are delighted that our efforts, and yours, are recognised in our collective mission to eliminate plastic waste.

We want to share this award with you, our community as you guys make it happen by being part of the Bower mission and returning your packaging to us! 

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