Launching Bower Haircare range: Our journey

Launching Bower Haircare range: Our journey

Why have we launched Bower Haircare?

Two years ago we listened to you, our customers. We were happily delivering environmentally friendly products for the kitchen, and were getting great feedback on the Bower Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid and Bower Lime and Aloe Vera Handwash … but what about products for the bathroom?! Good question, so we set our boffins to work. 

The brief: develop an environmentally friendly hair care range that was good for your hair, good for the planet AND smelt amazing. It took some time, a few failures and one or two bad hair days, but we got there in the end. 

So what is the magic? 

First up the smell - working with expert perfumers we conjured the smell of tropical paradise, of sandy beaches and coconuts dancing in the surf. From a shortlist of 5 different fragrances we sent out samples to customers across the country and selected the best available. We loved it and you loved it - it was a winner.

The ingredients - our Chemists dug out their white lab coats and set to work. Using only ingredients are naturally derived they developed a formulation that matched the performance of the nasty petro-chemical equivalents found in the high street brands. We found consumers with long and short hair, curly and straight hair, oily and dry hair and they all had a go! The feedback - they loved it. We believe our environmentally friendly formulation works just as well as the product you’re replacing - even our silicone free conditioner! 

Finally the packaging - the Bower Beach Coconut collection is delivered in pouches to be poured into your reusable Bower dispenser. We’ve updated the pump so a single pump gives you all the product you need.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

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