Introducing The UpCircle Night Cream

Introducing The UpCircle Night Cream

Natural skincare junkies, this one is for you. It’s time to introduce UpCircle’s new clean skincare night cream, which is set to revolutionise your eco-friendly skincare routine. 

Bursting with natural skin hydrators and replenishers, UpCircle’s antioxidant-rich formula will see you waving goodbye to both chemical nasties and single-use plastics as you embrace your new clean skincare routine.

Read on to find out more about our new favourite night cream on the block and why repurposed blueberry extract has become UpCircle’s miracle ingredient.

Meet Your New Favourite Night Cream


UpCircle’s new moisturising night cream is the perfect addition to your evening skincare routine. The naturally derived formula aims to leave your skin both hydrated and replenished, using a mixture of skin evening niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to promote overnight healing.

Better still, this unscented moisturiser is ideal for all skin types. Known for soothing sensitive skin and boosting both circulation and collagen production, UpCircle’s handmade formula contains blueberry extract, a new miracle ingredient that is revolutionising the skincare industry.

From blue light protection to reducing signs of ageing, the blueberry extract has become an essential component of UpCircle’s eco-friendly formula. The repurposed, cold-pressed berry is rich in vitamin A and a great source of pro-retinol. While its presence can regenerate the skin overnight, UpCircle states that the benefits go much further.

The Benefits Of Blueberry Extract 

So what are the benefits of blueberry extract? Let’s delve further into the rewards of natural skincare as we unpack the success of UpCircle’s new Blueberry infused night cream.

Reduces Signs Of Ageing

Blueberry extract is proven to reduce the signs of skin ageing, making it an effective component of clean skincare formulas. As a strong source of pro-retinol, it works hard to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, strengthening the skin’s top layer. Better still, its linoleic content protects the skin’s natural barrier against UV damage and blue light, both of which contribute to accelerated ageing.

Using blueberry extract within clean skincare night cream also enhances the regeneration process while we sleep. Blueberries carry significantly high levels of anthocyanin and vitamin C, both known to plump the skin and aid collagen production. 

Rich In Vitamin A & Omega 9

Did you know that blueberries carry high levels of vitamin A? Also known as retinoids in the skincare industry, vitamin A can significantly boost the skin’s immune system. From preventing acne flare-ups to protecting the skin against sunburn, blueberries are a great antioxidant feature to look out for in natural skincare formulas.

Better still, blueberry extract is also rich in Omega 9. Not only can it aid the restoration of natural oils to the skin, but Omega 9 is a great carrier too. When mixed with a number of other active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, it speeds up the penetration process, encouraging the moisturiser to get to work.

Improves Skin Healing

Blueberry extract is great at soothing irritated skin. Whether you’re fighting a breakout oxidative stress, blueberry’s vitamin A and K properties enhance skin healing.

In fact, experts suggest that consuming blueberries can even aid circulation which can speed up the healing process. While applying it topically may not carry the same level of benefits as ingesting, UpCircle states that their clean skincare night cream still boosts circulation and rejuvenates tired skin.

Why Choose UpCircle?

If you’re looking to revamp your clean skincare routine, UpCircle is a great place to start. From their organic Coffee Oil-Infused Face Serum to their rejuvenating, Anti-Inflammatory Eye Cream, they are no strangers to powerful, yet natural skincare solutions.

Better still, their latest miracle ingredient, blueberry extract, is 100% organically derived and is delivered using low carbon transport. Not only are UpCircle’s products formulated with a number of skincare benefits, but this SLS and Paraben free brand is doing their bit for sustainability too.

Where To Purchase The UpCircle Night Cream?

If you’re looking to get your hands on the UpCircle Night Cream and reap the benefits of blueberry extract, why not head over to Bower Collective. Partnering with a number of sustainable brands such as UpCircle and Beauty Kitchen, get ready to embark on your new natural skincare journey.

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