COP26: What do people really think?

COP26: What do people really think?

As a sustainable business, the imminent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow is very much front of mind, as well as top of the news agenda. However, many of us don’t hold out that much hope that the outcomes will be what we all need them to be. 

We wanted to ask the Bower Collective community what they really think about COP26, so we polled our 35,000+ followers on Instagram to ask them a series of questions. 

The findings highlighted a number of things. While 42% of our community knew that COP26 was happening, only 34% believed that the outcomes would make a meaningful difference.

However, a whopping 77% of our respondents believed that it was us as individuals who could make the biggest impact on the health of the planet. We do this by making better choices every day, by holding business to account for their impact and by encouraging those around us to keep incrementally improving.

At Bower, we say that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We remain hopeful that some serious commitments will be set and adhered to as COP26, but we all have to take responsibility ourselves to protect the future of this planet. Small steps, every day. 

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