BowerPack: Refill, reuse, repeat

BowerPack: Refill, reuse, repeat

Reuse and refill is central to the Bower mission and our goal to eliminate household plastic waste. 

Ever since we launched we’ve been focused on the problem: how can we distribute a wide range of household products to our customers in fully reusable packaging? 

BowerPack™ is the culmination of all that hard work. When we first launched Bower, we were taking used pouches and washing them for reuse. We soon realised that this process was neither environmentally or economically scalable, so we began a journey to design out the need to wash the pouch interior and still deliver products safely. 

With support from Innovate UK and our fantastic team, we are delighted to now present BowerPack reusable packaging, a world first!

So what’s so special about BowerPack? 

Well for starters, we’ve designed a neat one-way valve system in the spout which ensures that, once you’ve emptied the product into your dispensers at home, no air or contaminant nasties can get back into the pouch. You simply screw the cap back on and return to us for quality control and refill. 

Next up is our incredible unique digital passport tracking system, which we’ve developed in collaboration with our friends at Reath. Each pouch has a unique digital ID so we know exactly which batch of product is in each pouch at any given moment in time. 

Also, it helps us track the reuse cycles, so you - the customer - can scan the QR code and find out how many times the pack has been used, how much plastic waste has been saved and how much carbon has been saved too! 

The experience of using the pouch is also improved, less potential for mess and spillage and a beautiful digitally printed pack that we can use again and again. At the end of the pouch’s usable life, we aggregate for recycling with our specialist UK partner.


We are starting with a limited edition 750ml trial run across two of our product lines, Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid and Lavender Laundry Liquid, with the goal to roll out BowerPack across our entire refill range by the end of 2022. 

We would love to get your feedback on how the experience is for you and - as always - please do send the packaging back promptly in the pre–paid returns envelopes so we can refill and get them back out there! 

We genuinely believe that BowerPack marks a massive step change in how people consume household products, delivering amazing products safely and completely eliminating plastic waste from coming out of your home. 

BowerPack ™ - Saving the planet, one piece of plastic at a time. 

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