Bower Collective Impact Report 2021

Bower Collective Impact Report 2021

2021 was the year of COP26, of continued COVID disruption to people’s lives and business supply chains. 

But it was also the year when huge numbers of people started to make better choices every day, contributing to positive social and environmental impact.

For Bower Collective and our community, now more than 140,000 people, 2021 saw us make tangible progress towards our vision - a world without plastic waste in which everyone can enjoy a more sustainable life.

Beach Cleans, B Corp Certification, winning awards for our packaging innovation to reduce waste - it’s all in here! 

And none of it would be possible without you, our community, so as always a HUGE and heartfelt thanks for everything you do to be part of the Bower journey. 

We hope you enjoy reading our 2021 Impact Report and as always we welcome your feedback as part of the conversation. 

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