Top 10 Sustainable Skincare Brands in the UK

Top 10 Sustainable Skincare Brands in the UK

It's no secret that the beauty industry creates an alarming amount of waste that harms the environment. But the good news is you can make a difference by supporting sustainable skincare brands that prioritise eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing and transparency about their impact on the planet. 

In the UK, the sustainable skincare market is rising, and the demand for environmentally conscious products is increasing rapidly. There is a thriving community with a wide range of brands offering skincare solutions that are natural, cruelty-free and with production processes that don't harm the planet. 

Are you keen to step towards a more sustainable future for your skincare routine? We've put together a list of the top ten sustainable skincare brands in the UK committed to making a positive impact on the world. So, let's take a closer look at some of the UK’s leading skincare alternatives to add to your beauty routine.


Neal’s Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies is a UK-based sustainable skincare brand specialising in natural and organic ingredients. At their eco-factory in Dorset, their products are crafted with love, and they use only the finest natural and organic ingredients to create an extensive range of skincare, haircare and body care products.

Whether it’s their Frankincense Nourishing Cream or their Rose and Geranium Body Lotion, they are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing and fully support community trade and fair trade practices.


Evolve Beauty

When it comes to sustainable skincare, Evolve Beauty is a standout brand. Based in Hertfordshire, they handcraft all of their skincare products in small batches at their eco studio, ready and packaged using recycled material. This unique process allows each product to receive special attention and care, bringing exceptional quality from start to finish.

From their Vanilla, Organic Baobab and Rose Cleansing Balm to their Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Pomegranate Extract, Evolve sets a new standard for sustainable skincare with a real commitment to reducing the beauty industry’s environmental footprint. So, if you're looking for a brand that's as passionate about the environment as it is about skincare, Evolve Beauty is a perfect choice.



UpCircle is a waste rescuer regarding sustainability, championing the unique approach we describe as reused, repurposed and reloved. Their Clarifying Face Mask with Olive is a perfect example of what we mean, turning discarded olive stones, a natural by-product of the olive oil industry, into a finely-ground powder to apply to your skin, acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

But that’s just scratching the surface, given that their entire range is made with top-grade natural and organic ingredients that provide therapeutic benefits for your skin. And to top it off, UpCircle's packaging is made of reusable and recyclable glass and aluminium, which just goes to show how committed they are to sustainability. Get behind this brand while still getting healthy and radiant skin.



Bramley is a sustainable skincare brand in the UK known for using 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients across their vast range of products, which extend to bath soaps and gels. Their entire line includes biodegradable and compostable packaging to reduce waste and carbon emissions. They work with local suppliers to source ingredients and support small, national businesses. 

Overall, if you're looking for a sustainable skincare brand that truly cares about the environment and the impact of their products, Bramley is an excellent choice. Don’t know where to begin? We recommend their Rosehip, Chamomile & Yarrow Calm Balm – simply rub a moderate amount on your skin and let the ingredients do their thing!


Beauty Kitchen

Beauty Kitchen is a brand that strives to create effective, natural, sustainable skincare products for everyone. They understand that even small changes in our daily skincare routines can significantly impact the environment. That's why they prioritise sustainability in everything they do.

Their award-winning skincare products are crafted with the purest natural ingredients and packaged in reusable or recyclable materials. Take their Abyssinian Oil Cream Cleanser, for example; it’s sustainably sourced and comes in glass or aluminium dispensers that are both reusable and recyclable. Beauty Kitchen offers products like Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponges, a sustainable alternative to sponges made from synthetic plastics and oils.

Beauty Kitchen understands that sustainability is not just a trend but a necessary change to be made in the beauty industry. By creating effective, natural and sustainable products, they are leading the way towards a brighter and more eco-friendly future for skin care.



This UK-based, waste-free beauty retailer started after witnessing the excess waste in the beauty industry. And because of what they learned, they aim to empower consumers with sustainable alternatives and inspire a movement towards reducing plastic and water waste.

They’ve got a wide range of natural, organic and vegan health and beauty products that are responsibly packaged, encouraging consumers to make their cosmetics and opt for natural raw ingredients in bulk. Most of their products are packaged in reusable, compostable or widely recyclable materials, such as aluminium or glass.


Wild Sage & Co

Wild Sage & Co is a family-run business that produces cold-processed soaps, skin-loving balms and all-natural skincare from their countryside cottage in the valleys of the river Wye. They aim to provide skin-loving products that don't harm the environment and always strive to reduce waste, using biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever possible. 

Their products are hand-made, natural, cruelty-free and free of parabens, SLS, artificial colours or fragrances. Using herbs and flowers from their cottage garden, they believe skincare should be simple and natural, and all their packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable.


Fushi Wellbeing

Fushi Wellbeing is a London-based sustainable health and beauty company that takes pride in its organic and natural skincare products, free from GMOs and harmful chemicals. The brand draws on its cultural heritage and Ayurvedic family recipes to create natural remedies using hand-blended, fresh and cold-pressed organic oils and herbs ethically sourced from this season's harvest. That’s why its products are made in the UK using recyclable glass bottles and are 100% natural, with over 85% of the ingredients certified organic by the Soil Association.

Fushi's commitment to staying true to its values and supporting developing communities, global farmers and growers enables it to provide sustainable ingredients for its award-winning products, designed to improve everyone’s well-being.



Haeckels is a sustainable skincare brand that uses seaweed as the base for all its products harvested by hand in Margate, UK. Solving the waste problem doesn’t have to be an impossible goal, and it’s why the brand uses natural waste resources in its products while offering fully recyclable or compostable packaging solutions. 

The company works with an affiliated lab to conduct checks and stability testing while using its Margate lab to formulate, test and experiment before putting any of its products on the market. Ultimately, Haeckels is determined to transform the perception of the skincare industry by providing transparency to its clients and learning how to improve sustainability even further along the way.


Skin Alchemists Apothecary

Skin Alchemists is a UK-based skincare brand deeply rooted in the Caribbean cultural heritage. Their products are formulated using centuries-old wisdom and ancient traditions of alchemy to deliver exceptional results. 

Their founder's journey towards a more holistic lifestyle and ancient self-care practices inspired the brand. They use whole plant infusion techniques and a "less is more" approach to produce multi-functional skincare with nutrition-led results, hand-making their range in small batches. They’re a great example of what expert craftsmanship can accomplish, sourcing the finest, most nutrient-dense ingredients and reducing their environmental impact.


Take Care of Your Skin with Bower Collective

Skincare products come and go. In many cases, rather quickly. That’s why we ensure that all of our skincare products at Bower Collective are recyclable, reusable or refillable. Our 100% natural and cruelty-free Bower Hand Creams are specially crafted to leave your hands smooth and moisturised rather than greasy and come in fully recyclable glass bottles that can be kept and reused for many other liquids and creams.

Explore our full range of skin care products and discover some of the best brands in the UK for your skin routine. Pick your favourite products, join our subscribe-and-save service and receive them straight to your doorstep with no fuss.


What is the most popular skincare brand in the UK?

When it comes to sustainability, there are many popular brands here in the UK, so it's difficult to determine the single most popular sustainable skincare brand. However, some of the most well-known UK skincare brands include Neal’s Yard Remedies, Evolve Beauty and Acala.

What is the UK equivalent to EWG?

In the UK, organisations such as the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are responsible for regulating and advising on environmental health and consumer product safety. NGOs such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace UK also conduct research and advocacy on environmental health and safety issues.

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