Best Sustainable Hand Cream For Winter Months

Best Sustainable Hand Cream For Winter Months

It’s finally that time of year again where the weather becomes cooler and our skin starts to suffer. If you’re worried about your hands this winter, you’ve come to the right place. 

Looking after your skin during the winter months is vital if you want your hands to remain radiant all year round. Read on to find out how to protect your skin this season with an eco-friendly twist!

Why Is Hand Cream A Winter Essential?

Like any other cream, gel or moisturiser, hand cream is designed to hydrate tired and dry hands, preventing cracked skin and winter breakouts. For those of us prone to weather-related skin conditions such as eczema, carrying hand cream is essential especially if you’re out and about in the cold.

Experts suggest that hand cream should be used at least once a day throughout the cooler period and 2-3 times a day if you have mature skin or are working outside. 

With a post-pandemic era among us, those who sanitise their hands frequently should also think about moisturising after each use as the chemicals that sanitiser contains are known for stripping the skin.

Stringent + cold weather = a recipe for disaster. So if you’re sanitising regularly, you might want to read on. 

Why Choose Sustainable Hand Cream?

Purchasing the right hand cream goes further than looking for an effective hydrator. For those of you looking to go green this winter, it’s time to start checking those ingredient labels. 

Many high street branded hand creams contain ingredients that may not only continue to strip your skin but the environment too. Steer clear of perfumes, parabens and alcohol when searching for the right product for you and instead opt for natural formulas that have been produced with natural skin soothers such as aloe vera and plant oils.

Not only will natural ingredients supply you with irritant-free protection, but organic formulas are also great for the environment as ingredients are ethically sourced to promote sustainability.

Best Eco-Friendly Hand Cream In The UK 

Are you looking for the best eco-friendly hand cream in the UK? Here are some of our favourites to choose from this winter, packed full of nourishing plant-based ingredients that will leave your hands feeling silky smooth.

Bower Collective Lemongrass & Jojoba Hand Cream

Containing hyper-moisturising jojoba and fresh, zingy lemongrass. A rich hand cream with a subtle fragrance. Use every day for soft, moisturised hands. Plus, reduce your plastic waste by saving your pump and repurchasing the screw top refill.

Bower Collective Rosemary & Geranium Hand Cream

A lovely blend of uplifting geranium, refreshing rosemary and nourishing beeswax. A rich hand cream with a subtle fragrance. This gorgeous hand cream is made here in the UK and is cruelty free. Plus, reduce your plastic waste by saving your pump and repurchasing the screw top refill.


Bramley Mini Calm Balm with Rosehip, Chamomile & Yarrow

For a hand cream on the go, we are currently loving the Mini Calm Balm from Bramley, the perfect travel essential for on the go nourishing. Infused with calming winter scents, this miracle balm is also great for when you need to relax, or as a nighttime hand treatment that will also have you slumbering soundly.

Looking For More?

If you still haven’t found your dream cream, Bower Collective are here to help. Offering hundreds of eco-friendly brands to pick from, Bower prioritises both luxury and sustainability, making it easier to find the perfect zero waste product for you.

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