10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK

10 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands in the UK


  • Sustainable clothing brands use eco-friendly materials with an ethical production process and a transparent supply chain, making clothes that are meant to last.
  • Patagonia, Finisterre, Rapanui and Thought Clothing are among some of the best sustainable clothing brands in the UK.
  • These brands prioritise environmental responsibility and ethical production practices through green initiatives and goals, like going zero-waste or carbon-neutral.
  • We at Bower Collective specialise in sustainable laundry detergents that keep your clothes clean, with a line of eco-friendly and refillable laundry liquids to accompany any of your newly acquired clothes.           

As our world becomes more environmentally conscious, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable clothing options that are better for the planet. The fashion industry is notorious for its negative environmental impact, including water pollution, high carbon emissions and waste.

However, there are brands out there that are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and create clothing that is both stylish and sustainable.

But before we get there, you might ask, what makes a clothing brand sustainable? Simply put, it’s when they:

  • Use eco-friendly materials: organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo and recycled polyester are fair game.
  • Produce ethically: demonstrating a commitment to ethical and fair production practices, including fair wages, safe working conditions and sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • Have a transparent supply chain: brands that let us trace their materials back to their source and reduce waste or carbon emissions during transportation and distribution.
  • Emphasise longevity: high-quality clothing that is meant to last. This is important because fast fashion is a major contributor to clothing waste and environmental damage. By producing clothing meant to be worn for years, these brands are helping reduce waste and promote sustainable consumption.

Now that we have a clear idea of what makes today’s clothing brands a go-to sustainable option, let's dive into 10 of the most sustainable clothing brands in the UK that follow these mantras.


Patagonia is a well-known outdoor clothing brand that has been sustainably leading the way for years. They use organic cotton and recycled materials to make their clothes and are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, with a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. They also prioritise ethical production methods and are transparent about their labour practices.



Finisterre is a surf-inspired brand that uses innovative materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton to create high-quality, sustainable clothing. They’re committed to reducing their carbon emissions and rely heavily on their factories' renewable energy. Best of all, they also offer a repair service to extend the life of their products.



Rapanui is a sustainable fashion brand that uses organic and recycled materials to make clothes. They also use renewable energy in their factories, along with a closed-loop water recycling system, allowing them to reuse most of their water throughout the production process.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to transparency has gifted customers with a traceability tool that allows them to see the entire production process for each item.


Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing offers a range of sustainable clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. They also prioritise fair labour practices and ethical production methods. Thought Clothing has a range of certifications, including GOTS and SA8000, both acting as stamps of green approval for their products.


People Tree

People Tree is a fair trade fashion brand offering sustainable clothing from organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. They also work with artisans and farmers in developing countries to support local communities. People Tree is committed to transparency and has been awarded numerous certifications, including Fair Trade and GOTS.



Birdsong is a sustainable fashion brand with a knack for ethical production methods and fair labour practices. They offer a range of clothes made from sustainable materials and prioritise transparency and sustainability throughout their supply chain. Birdsong has a zero-waste policy and is committed to reducing their environmental impact.


Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a high-end fashion brand committed to sustainability and ethical production. They use organic and recycled materials to make their clothes and are committed to reducing their environmental impact. Some of their certifications include B Corp and GOTS, a testament to their sustainability commitment.



Everlane is a fashion brand emphasising transparency and sustainability across its production, using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. They’re committed to reducing waste and carbon emissions and work with ethical factories that ensure fair labour practices.



Komodo is a sustainable fashion brand that offers clothes made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and hemp. They also prioritise fair labour practices and ethical production methods with full transparency, showcasing the GOTS and Fair Trade standards on every tee.


Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand specialises in sustainable fashion for men, with clothes made from materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Their goal has always been to turn clothes shopping into a more human experience than what we see in fast fashion. And it’s most likely why their Clothing Care guide is full of top tips on washing, repairs and alterations to make your clothes last longer. A tell-tale sign of their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products.


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Which clothing brands are most sustainable?

In the UK, some of the most sustainable clothing brands include Patagonia, Rapanui and Everlane, which prioritise eco-friendly materials, responsible manufacturing practices and ethical labour standards.

Is H&M sustainable now?

H&M has taken steps towards sustainability, such as launching a sustainability report and a Conscious Collection made from sustainable materials. However, there is still debate among experts and consumers about the company's overall sustainability.

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