10 Reasons To Start Using Green Cleaning Products In Your Home

10 Reasons To Start Using Green Cleaning Products In Your Home

Are eco-friendly cleaning products better than your household favourites? 

A recent study by Novozymes found that “Covid-19 catalyzed the demand for greener products”. From the benefits of natural formulas to helping local businesses thrive post-pandemic, here are 10 reasons why you need to start adding green cleaning products to your basket.

Why Use Green Cleaning Products?

1. Your Carbon Footprint

Swapping to green cleaning alternatives significantly reduces your carbon footprint. Ideal green cleaners are naturally sourced and contain biodegradable ingredients that do not contribute to the production of CO2 emissions during production.

2. Natural Formulas

Unlike many high street providers, green cleaning brands value transparency when it comes to their ingredient lists. Sustainable cleaning products pride themselves on being derived from natural sources that are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Bower Collective zingy Grapefruit Washing Up Liquid is a great example of a naturally sourced green cleaner. Manufactured with no parabens or SLS this kitchen staple is free from nasties and infused with powerful natural chemicals and essential oils to enhance the washing up experience.

3. A DIY Money Saver

As a new wave of sustainable collectives hit the market, green cleaners are now competitively priced with conventional counterparts, making them easier than ever to get your hands on.

Better still, why use green cleaning products at all when you can manufacture your own naturally-derived creations in your own household. From vinegar to tea tree, there are a number of DIY formulas you can use to get the job done.

4. Less Is More

DIY based green cleaners are also multipurpose and can easily be mixed. Free from toxic chemicals, you can tackle multiple cleaning jobs in one sitting.

However, if you’re looking to separate your DIY creations, why not invest in reusable storage containers and trigger spray bottles that can be labelled and reused across the household.

5. Powerful Cleaners

The question on everybody’s mind is, do green cleaning products work? While green cleaners may be more gentle than chemically manufactured alternatives, many natural ingredients have both antibacterial and stripping properties.

For example, Sodium Bicarbonate is known for cutting through grease while citric acid works hard as a disinfectant. Green products may be chemical-free, but they still pack a punch.

6. Help Small Businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic encouraged consumers to shop locally. Investing your time and money into green alternatives on the market post-pandemic will continue to enhance the growth of small sustainable businesses that are taking action to improve the industry. 

7. Natural Fragrance 

Green cleaning products also tend to smell better than their highstreet counterparts as they are infused with powerful essential oils and natural fragrances. Not only will this leave your house smelling divine, but many essential oil-infused products also have powerful cleaning benefits too.

For example, Bower Collective’s Linseed Soap Floor Cleaner is manufactured using linseed oil, a natural conditioner that will leave your surfaces sparkling.

8. No More Toxic Chemicals 

A recent study by the Environmental Working Group found that over half of high street cleaning products are manufactured with ingredients that can cause lung irritation. 

When answering the question of ‘why use green cleaning products?’ Health factors play a large role in the debate. Derived from natural sources, green cleaning products do not contain any toxic chemicals and improve your household air quality while still addressing your cleaning needs.

9. Reusing And Refilling

Many green cleaning brands also give consumers the opportunity to reuse and refill their products in order to reduce packaging waste and promote a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Bower Collective offer a series of refillable products in pouches that can be returned and refilled after use. Paired with durable dispenser bottles, they encourage cost-effective green cleaning that is also zero waste.

10. Inspiring Others

One of the most important reasons to embrace green cleaning within your home is to inspire others. Becoming a ‘greenfluencer’ within your community will encourage others to make the swap and embrace sustainable living.

Why not start your green cleaning journey today with the help of Bower Collective. Join The Collective, a community of people passionate about tackling plastic waste and enjoy hundreds of green cleaning alternatives that will kickstart your zero-waste future.

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