Kickstart Your Zero-Waste Journey With These 7 Best Eco-Conditioner Refills

Kickstart Your Zero-Waste Journey With These 7 Best Eco-Conditioner Refills

By 2050, it's predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This staggering fact has led to a growing movement towards conscious consumption. But what about your hair care routine? Can you make a difference without compromising quality? The answer is a resounding yes! This guide will introduce you to the world of eco-conditioner refills, a simple yet revolutionary step towards a greener future.

1. Bower Collective

At Bower Collective, we're on a mission to eliminate plastic waste. We're not just another brand; we're a certified B Corp, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact on the world. 

Picture this: You've just run out of your favourite eco-friendly conditioner. Now, instead of tossing the empty bottle into the recycling bin and purchasing a new one, you simply get a stylish Bower Collective reusable dispenser and a gorgeous conditioner refill. Once emptied in your dispenser, you send back for free your empties in the pre-paid envelope and the pouches will be reused and refilled for the next customer. It's a splendid way to reduce waste, all while supporting a responsible lifestyle.

But the brilliance doesn't stop there. Bower Collective has taken the concept of refilling to a whole new level by offering a subscription service. Imagine having a refill pouch delivered to your doorstep, so you can top up your bottles right in the comfort of your own home. It's convenience and sustainability rolled into one delightful system.

Moreover, our eco-friendly range of conditioner refills is a sensory delight, crafted with the finest natural ingredients. Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of our beach coconut or the floral elegance of wild blossom. Each scent is thoughtfully curated to provide a luxurious hair care experience that's as pleasing to the senses as it is to the planet.

But we don't stop at scents. Our shower shampoo bars and hair care collection are designed to offer nothing less than nurturing care for your tresses. Whether you have sleek, straight hair, dreamy waves, or beautifully kinky coils, our collection offers optimum protection tailored to your unique needs.

Join us in our mission to eliminate waste and create a more sustainable home. With Bower Collective, you're choosing a lifestyle that's good for you and great for the planet. Experience a fusion of beauty, well-being, and environmental consciousness, and be part of a greener, more beautiful world.

2. The Body Shop

A globally renowned brand, The Body Shop has opened a refill program for a number of its eco-products, including conditioners. This initiative is part of their commitment to sustainability and reducing plastic waste. The refill program allows customers to purchase aluminium bottles and have them filled with various hair care products. Along with conditioners, The Body Shop offers shampoo and body washes in scents such as almond milk, shea, moringa, British rose, pink grapefruit, and strawberry. Customers can easily refill their bottles in-store, and the process is designed to be both convenient and planet-friendly.

3. Hairstory

New Wash is a part of Hairstory's waste-minimisation effort and is entirely devoid of sulfates, parabens, and silicones. Additionally, it is fully biodegradable. Their refillable system is designed to decrease individual plastic usage by 91% and emissions from plastic by 85%. Hairstory uses 60% less packaging material and lowers water consumption by 38% during rinsing. The company also provides a subscription service, allowing customers to receive regular New Wash deliveries, which are available in various formulations to suit different hair types. The subscription includes free auto shipping, and customers have the ability to manage their subscription plans as needed.


OUAI is a beauty brand that offers a wide range of products, including conditioner refills. Specifically, they provide a collection of hair care products for fine, medium and thick hair with hydrating solutions containing ingredients such as strengthening keratin, nourishing babassu and coconut oils, and kumquat extract that induces shine. With an emphasis on environmental responsibility, their refill pouches are made with 60% less plastic than traditional bottles. This aligns with the global concern for climate change and reflects OUAI's commitment to reducing waste.

5. Kiehl's

A renowned skincare brand, Kiehl's has been at the forefront of providing quality products since its inception, being one of the first companies to list ingredients on labels. With a rich heritage dating back to its old-world apothecary beginnings, Kiehl's has evolved into a brand synonymous with innovation and sustainability. Kiehl's offers a wide selection of refillable formulas for the face, body, and hair. This collection includes the popular coconut conditioner that features amino acids and jojoba oil and is devoid of both paraben and sulfate. Moreover, Kiehl's is also committed to giving back to the community. To this end, they have contributed over $18.6 million to causes supporting LGBTQ+, environment, children's well-being, and more. Partnerships with organisations like Gyrl Wonder, Feeding America, and Earth Day Network reflect their dedication to social responsibility.

6. Faith In Nature

Established in 1974, Faith In Nature offers a range of responsible hair care products featuring fragrances such as coconut, grapefruit and orange, lavender and geranium, and shea and argan. Each formula is carefully designed to cater to various hair and skin types. The brand’s focus on refillables is evident in their nationwide network of refill stations. They provide top-ups in sizes of up to 20L, an initiative that aligns with their commitment to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable practices. For example, their five-litre bottles hold the equivalent of 12.5 smaller bottles, while their 20L bottles hold the equivalent of 50 smaller ones. Moreover, Faith In Nature’s dedication to green measures goes beyond packaging. As a certified B Corp, they have partnered with the World Land Trust for carbon balancing, planting a tree for every order.

7. Plaine Products

Plaine Products emphasises the use of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Their conditioner, for example, includes aloe barbadensis leaf juice, shea butter, and rosemary oil. These ingredients are chosen to provide hydration and shine without harmful chemicals. The company's commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging. They use reusable aluminium bottles and recycled boxes, ensuring a plastic-free and carbon-neutral shipping process. Certifications such as 1% For the Planet and Leaping Bunny further underline Plaine Products' dedication to environmental responsibility.


The shift towards eco-conditioner refills is more than a trend; it's a necessary step towards a future where beauty and care for the planet go hand in hand. Whether you're new to this movement or looking to expand your responsible routine, the brands listed above offer quality, innovation, and a commitment to a greener tomorrow. Make the switch today and be part of the change that our world so desperately needs.