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  • Effortlessly clean with plant-powered ingredients
  • Good for you and the planet
  • Sustainable, plastic-free living made easy
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Why choose Bower?

Why choose Bower?

We're on a mission to help you eliminate plastic waste and toxic ingredients from your life. Our eco-friendly products are made here in the UK in reusable & recyclable packaging.

As a B Corp, we're a purpose-led business looking to shake things up. Stock your home with essentials and save the planet.

Eco Dishwasher Tablets Trial Pack

  • cruelty-free cruelty-free
  • natural-ingredients natural-ingredients
  • plastic-free plastic-free
  • vegan vegan

What's in the box

  • 🌟8 x powerful, non-toxic and plastic-free dishwasher tablets


  • πŸ‘100% money back guarantee
  • βœ… 20% off your next full-size pack (only 22p per wash!)

Next full-size pack (72 tabs) in 2 weeks, costing Β£15.49 β€’ Change or cancel products anytime - no lock-in

Money back guarantee Ships in 1-2 days

Bower vs the big brands

Zero plastic-waste, plant-powered cleaning with naturally-derived ingredients. Let's ditch the waste.

Fairy Platinum Supermarket own label Other brands
Made in the UK
No unnecessary colours
Cardboard packaging
Fresh lemon scent
B-Corp certified
Carbon neutral

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Does natural cleaning mean less effective cleaning?

Not at all! Our dishwasher tablets prove that you don't need harsh chemicals to achieve sparkling clean dishes.

They are specially formulated with naturally-derived ingredients to tackle even the toughest stains, ensuring your dishes come out spotless and streak-free, every time.

What makes the dishwasher tablets eco-friendly?

As a carbon neutral, B-Corp certified business, we prioritise the planet every step of the way.

We make them in the UK, with a high concentration of naturally derived plant-based ingredients.

Our tablets are also plastic-free, wrapped in biodegradable, water-soluble film.

Plus, by using Bower Rinse Aid Refill alongside, you're joining a wider movement towards a more sustainable, plastic-waste free lifestyle.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! You can pause or cancel anytime by simply logging into your account.

We also always remind you about any upcoming subscription orders via SMS and email so that you can easily skip or delay.

What will be in my next subscription order?

We'll include a full-size box of our dishwasher tablets, each pack containing 72 tablets for long-lasting brilliance.

Remember, you have complete control: edit, skip, pause, or cancel your order at any time to suit your needs.

Who's behind your cleaning products?

Friends Nick and Marcus founded Bower Collective in 2019 with a clear mission to help our customers eliminate plastic waste and create a more sustainable world!

We're now used by over 80,000 households in the UK!

Don't just take our word for it

Founder story

We founded Bower Collective with a clear mission to help our customers eliminate plastic waste and create a more sustainable world.

Our award-winning products bring joy into your home and stem the tide of plastic waste coming out of it! Join the refill revolution with Bower today.

Nick & Marcus (Co-Founders of Bower Collective)

Spotless Dishes, Delighted Customers


"No marks, smell really nice and no plastic waste: the dream! They worked really well and left to marks on my mugs, plates and glasses. Absolutely love these new eco friendly tablets.

Charlotte G


Always had an issue with getting glasses clean in the dishwasher given I live in a hard water area, but very impressed! I'd say they are by far better than the major manufacturers and other eco brands (I have tried a few!)

Lisa S.


First impression of the new dishwasher tablets is the lovely lemony scent. They live up to their clean smell, leaving my dishes squeaky clean and my cutlery streak free - I’ll certainly be ordering again.

Jacqueline M


Great packaging, lovely smell and top quality clean results.

Nigel M.

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