Where possible, all of our products are either plastic-free or reusable / refillable. Where plastic is required that is hard to recycle (i.e pump dispensers and bottle caps), we give you the option of returning that to us along with your refill pouches. We don’t believe that plastic is an inherently bad product. But we do believe that the way in which it has been manufactured, designed and deployed is deeply irresponsible - which is what we are looking to address.

If you buy a refillable product, this will have clear messaging on the site about how it works. It’s pretty simple. You can buy dispensers on our site for the different rooms in your house - kitchen, bathroom etc - you can then select the refill option for the relevant product - i.e. washing up liquid or shampoo. 

Your refill pouch will arrive in your delivery box in one of our refill pouches. You will then empty the refill pouch into your dispenser, following the simple instructions specific to that product. You then fold the used pouches up and store them in the postal return box. We advise storing around 4 pouches in the returns box before sending it back to ensure we are being as efficient and therefore environmentally sound as possible. Once the box is ready to send, you just pop it in a postbox or take to your nearest Post Office, whichever is easiest for you. 

Refilling a dispenser from a Bower refill pouch

We then take the pouches back, clean and sterilise them before refilling them with product for the next round of distribution. As mentioned above we also accept other non-recyclable (hard to recycle) plastic components such as caps, dispensers and liners to process with our specialist partner, ensuring that as much as possible we are closing the loop on you having a plastic waste stream coming out of your home.