Recycling is broken

They know it. Michael Recycle knows it. And now you do too.
We also know something else: there is another way.

Reuse is the future

Refill, Return, Repeat

At Bower Collective our reusable packaging means if you buy your household products with us, we guarantee that zero plastic waste will come out of your home. You return your empty pouches to us for free and we reuse the packaging again and again.

Healthy home, healthy world

Not only do we help you eliminate plastic waste, also all our products are highly effective, natural and non-toxic. Great for you, your home and the planet.

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Talking Rubbish with Michael Recycle

"I really like that there's a way to return your used refill packaging. It gives me peace of mind that I am not contributing to plastic pollution."

Dan Evans, Bower Customer

Why choose Bower

We're on a mission to help you eliminate plastic waste from your life. Our eco-friendly refills are made here in the UK in reusable & recyclable packaging.

As a B Corp, we're a purpose-led business looking to shake things up. Stock your home with essentials and save the planet.

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