Bower Collective

Reusable PET Laundry Bottle - 1000ml


Our Bower Collective reusable dispensers are a core part of our reuse and refill system. This simple but stylish dispensers is made out of PET which is both resilient and also the most widely recycled plastic.

Fill with Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid or Fragrance Free Fabric Conditioner.   

  • How to use
    Simply empty your refillable product pouch into the dispenser. Be sure to wash the dispenser thoroughly in between use cycles with a small amount of our Bio-D washing up liquid and warm water.
  • Why we love our dispensers
    We love our reusable dispensers because they last as long as you'll take care of them. This bottle will help you to eliminate plastic waste from your home - simply fill with your favourite Bower product and return your pouch to us in the supplied pre-paid envelope to be cleaned, sterilised and reused!


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